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Juliette Crane


I’m a painter, storyteller and adventurer based in Wisconsin. As often as possible, I paint barefoot, preferably outside on my studio balcony or with the giant french doors open to nature, surrounded by flower gardens and the tallest trees – my main sources of inspiration.

I’m also an avid gardener and enthusiastic cook and would be delighted to have you over for dinner! When I’m not painting, writing and travelling to create in gardens around the world, I live with my bluegrass singing husband on 10 acres of magical pine woods in the countryside.

My art is a form of visual storytelling. Working primarily in mixed media with oils, acrylics, inks, pastel, pencil, pen and non-traditional materials like spray paint and origami paper, my paintings are a way to resolve and clarify the emotions I feel and see every day and translate them into the colors, expressions and gestures you see in my backgrounds and characters.

I choose to allow the marks and patterns to overlap so the layers underneath show through as a way to mirror the human condition. Every painting ultimately then becomes a deeper understanding of the world and a hope to reveal a universal truth I can never quite express well enough with words but feel deep in my heart.

In 2009, I founded The School of Happy Painting, a suite of online courses in fearless art and mess making that encourage thousands around the world to get creative and live their dreams.

I’ve built my creative career around following my heart and focusing on what I enjoy doing most, which has led to thousands of collectors, customers and students around the world, press in publications like Glamour Magazine, Somerset Studio and, being published in multiple books, having five books of my own on Amazon, launching eighteen online classes, opportunities to teach in-person and sales of originals, prints, cards, calendars, books and more in galleries and shops around the world.

Painting and storytelling have always been my passion and I am so very honored to be able to share my art with you!

With love & gratitude,



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