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The energy of 2022

There are 2 ways of viewing life. One is as if time was linear and you were moving through it in a straight from point A to point B and that you are a single individual separate from all that is around you. The other way to see life is as if you were embedded within space and time. Not just moving within it and along it but having influence over it. And that you are not only a unique three-dimensional human being, but there are many more facets to your form that are beyond the defined borders of your physical body.

Humanity is beginning to experience the truth of this––that we are much more connected to each other ad all that is around us than what has been commonly believed. That we are not just living within an environment that is separate from us, but that we are a part of it. An inseparable part of it.

As within, so without

What goes into the environment, goes into all who are living in that space. What is within the environment is also within the life inside of it. It is a symbiosis. It can be a conscious connection or an unconscious one.

When you are aware of your interconnectedness, life becomes a co-creation. You have a say over how you experience your life. When you sleep through it, you are unconsciously carried along life’s currents. Sometimes they’re peaceful and easy and sometimes very turbulent and painfully uncomfortable.

Your affect on the world

You get to choose which way you are going to journey through life on an individual level. But there are also facets and dimensions of your existence beyond what’s personal to you. There is the experience of the collective whole.

Both influence the other. Individual experiences ripple out affecting the collective and societal events influence people personally.

Alien life

Then there are other forms of life that are not often taken into consideration When reflecting back on the causes and effects of human history and evolution. They are not deemed to be significant in the bigger picture. But everything matters. Every single living thing is part of the whole of life—not just on earth but in the entire cosmos.

The events of recent years have started to awaken people to just how connected everything is. The effects of the environment on humanity can no longer be ignored. The global pandemic has shown, not only have physically connected everyone around the globe is, but also how much humans need each other.

The definition of life

As clear as this is, it is possible to tap into an even deeper wisdom and understanding of the interconnectedness of life. You can expand your beliefs of what is life is beyond the common consensus. Just as scientists have discovered life where they never believed it could exist—they call these lifeforms extremophiles—it is possible to expand the definition of life itself beyond what is currently believed to be possible.

That is the energy of 2022.

Life is bigger than you and me. Life is beyond even the most bizarre ideas of what has yet been imagined.

The energy of this time allows you to see beyond your current knowing of what life is… If you dare go there.