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Starry Crystals Song

A group of crystals gathered together to sing a special song of thanks to all the friends who supported Song of Stones. This is a gift, from me and from the stone beings not just for your support … but for your presence.  Your requests and your questions and your concerns are all important and helped with the growth of Song of Stones. We wanted to thank you. We wanted to acknowledge you. So we came together, the Stones and I, and held you all in our hearts and co-created this song.

The crystals who came together for this song are:  Star Child Crystals, Star Rose Quartz Spheres, Vanadinite, Azurite.  They all had a starriness about them so I refer them as the Starry Crystals.

Starry Crystals … what is your song?

We gather together for a very special purpose.  We may seem unconnected or random but in truth we are together here with you … now … for a special purpose.

It is not our sparkle or our inner glow that binds us for this purpose.  It is something else.  Something more subtle … something that cant be seen, though that sparkle and glow comes from it.

We all began as something else and then transformed.  We needed to begin as something else before we could transform.  We needed to be raw and rough … we needed to break before we could become who we are.  Our raw, broken form may not have seemed pretty, but if you could see us then from a different perspective, then what you would see is as beautiful – if not more beautiful – than our current transformed form.

All of who we are is right there in our physical form – though you may only see the part that is physically seen.  This current state we are in was there in all its beauty in our earlier state.   You may not have seen it, but it was there.  The light, the shine, the sparkle … it was there.

It works both ways.  The part of us that was there in its rough or seemingly broken form is also here now.  The essence of who we are does not change or become lost.  It is there.  It is ALWAYS there.

What were telling you, you already know.  All things are part of you … you hold them all with ease and grace within your true essence.

We come together to tell you something … to show you something … really to remind you of something you already know.

When the outer form shifts and changes and breaks and transforms … nothing is lost … nothing is ruined … nothing is truly harmed.

You are OK.  You are whole.  You are beautiful.  You are a star.

Nothing can dim your light.  You hold it always within and it is always as strong and bright as ever.  Remember that.  Remember that in the moments that you feel broken.  Remember that when you are in the darkness and you’ve lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.  Remember that you carry the light with you.  That you are the light.  That you are a star.


© Song of Stones 2008