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Song of Pink Lemurian Crystal Wand

A beautiful crystal wand from the original Lemurian mine began to sing a song. She has an icy clarity and a soft pink tint with a wonderfully balanced chunky form, with lots of the Lemurian lines these crystals are known form. This one has done some DEEP inner healing witnessed by the inner shift and the clarity that comes through that healing. Below the shift line it is cloudy … above it, is an icy clarity. The fairies came to help in the healing of this crystal. They painted a few rainbows – one that is seen so clearly … her wings are unmistakable!

This crystal is meant to be held (I “mistakenly” first wrote healed – so fitting).  It fits in the hand so beautifully.

There is so much “magic” within this place that it cannot be contained in what we see as space.  There is such an abundance of love, that it radiates out in all possible directions … that’s how it seems, but really this being is just a mirror of what it knows as its experience.  it is love and knows itself as love.  Only love can effect such a dramatic healing.

See the love through us and know yourself to be this love.

It is true!

Love creates clarity … In clarity, we see love.  Love is whole.

Healing is only just the step before the clarity … the space just before we see the truth of who we are.  Hold that love in your heart and look again … That which you saw as cloudy/broken/needing healing is now just as clear as the rest.

[when I looked at the crystal – that part which is seen as cloudy was now clear – the veils and fairies were still there, but the clarity was no different in this place than in the upper – healed – clear part!]


© Song of Stones 2008