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Song of Green Rock Crystal

A very special group of Green Crystals from Madagascar came to be with us. They are included with Epidote, Chlorite, and Sphene.  Now several crystals from among this special group began to make their presence know to me.  They had a unique quality … they were a combination of Rock and Crystal.  These special crystals have a beautiful song to share …

In some of us you see a clear division/separation between Rock and Crystal … in others the Rock and Crystal appear to be fused together – blended as one with some distinction of form … and then in some we have come together so completely, there is doubt as to whether we belonged in this group.  Trust that what you are sensing is real.

We have appeared to you – made our presence known to you – to show you something.  We have come to demonstrate the oneness of all things despite the appearance of separation.  You all know the truth of oneness, but in your separate – seemingly separate – physical form this is not so clearly seen and felt and experienced.  We are a reminder of this – a crystal clear example of the illusion of form … we are master magicians – you and us.  We use smoke and mirrors to create the illusion of something that is not really there … [even like that tickle in your throat just now].

The only difference between each and every one of us, is that some of us are aware of the magic that we create and others of us create the magic without knowing it.

From the mist of the magic that we make, arises a cobra, dancing, mesmerized by the music of our soul’s song.  He dances to the tune we have written.  The tune changes at our whim.  The cobra follows our direction.

When the mist will clear, you will see that you are the Cobra, you are the magician and you are the song.

We have come to give you a glimpse of that clarity.  Perhaps you will see that the mist itself is not obscuring your view, but forming (creating) your will.



[It is not a coincidence, I believe, that I happened to hear last night that scientists have found Calcite crystals forming on the Pineal gland.]

There is rock upon and within the Crystal and Crystals upon and within rock.

We play with light in many ways … but we are all the same light.

Think of a painting … the way the artist plays with the colour to create images that appear solid and real.  But beneath the different colours the paint is the same substance.  Just as you see many different parts of the scene before you, so too do we show you different parts of ourselves … and so too are you all seemingly different parts of one grand masterpiece.

Why is it so hard to believe?  Because the artist is so great.  The “rock” part of us is quite different from the “crystal” part of us, yet we are one being.  It is easier to see this in the ones of us which are more “blended”.

It is no different between you and I.

Just as Stones which seem to be more than one mineral, and which you call inclusions … so too are we seen to be in your world/perspective.

Threads of golden Rutile are called inclusions … yet why are you so sure that the Rutiles are the inclusion and not the Quartz you see them in.  And if it is true that one is an “inclusion” … does that mean the hair on your head is also such an inclusion?  Is it a part of you … or is it separate from you?

Now … which one of us is the inclusion?

We are all more intertwined than it may seem.  That part you see as rock and that part you see as crystal are not separate parts, just unique expressions of who we are.  Even within this group that you have before you, each one is unique.

Now lets take this deeper … how is it that you came to gather each of us together with these unique qualities, even though we each are very different in form and appearance?  You recognized something within us.  You saw each of us as ONE being.

Now if you keep gazing, you may find yourself seeing something similar between YOU and I.  (There is a reason your Roman numeral for one and for the letter I are the same).  After all, isn’t that what “connections” are.  When 2 or more beings share a common thread, they share a connection.  Perhaps what is happening is even deeper than sharing something in common.  Perhaps this connection happens when each one see the “oneness” between them.  They each see the other as an extension of themselves.  Love has often been described just in this way.

So look at us again … see us in the light of the new expanded perspective.  See yourself in us and us in yourself.


© Song of Stones 2008