Welcome to the New Song of Stones. You may begin making magic with the crystals while we continue to add crystals and work behind the scenes on the design.

Song of Fire Agate

I just discovered something new about Fire Agate … something I’d never noticed about them before.  Rubbing the stones seems to bring out their fire!  Soooo interesting as it reminds me of the fact that you need to rub 2 sticks together to create a spark – fire!  This is a new discovery for me … so I’m not sure yet what it’s all about, but I’ll keep playing and I encourage you to do the same … and please do share your discoveries!  This is not the first stone that I notice which seems to be affected by our presence.  Rhodochrosite is one that I’ve seen deepen in color when held or even just around us and I believe Ruby is also another such stone.  Perhaps really all the stones do this, and some are just more noticeable than others … these “noticeable” ones are the ones which reveal this particular quality about stones to us … and perhaps this goes even deeper than the stone being; perhaps this quality extends to all beings!  This does make sense … the presence of another vibration, brings out something in the other being.  As with any relationship … for every relationship there is a unique dynamic.  So maybe this goes deeper to where something unique is “sparked” within each of us though “every” connection that we make … even those which we don’t notice.  Very special teaching that came through here.


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