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Song of Charoite

heart o lite
shar as in heart – art
(share – not in pronunciation but in message)
Tongo (should be long o)
ite as in light
It’s message is embedded in its name ….

Heart of Light

The heart of light is not referring to the heart chakra, but our light center.  We are all beings of light, projecting our form from this light.  We do not hold light within our bodies; our bodies are projections of this light.  This is the essence of the name you are hearing.

Heart of Light.

Charoite … Heart of Light

What is your song?

We are, as most seemingly single life forms, a collective of beings in one body.  Our ethereal aspects are manifest in a network of moving light … very much like Gaia’s rivers.

The beings in our collective were not always a part of us.  They came upon our path of movement and we merged with them.  We were able to hold our original identity and allow the others to hold their’s (there’s) without any interruption in our movement.  The others do not affect the harmony of the flow of our being.  Rather they are part of that flow.

You can see this when you look at us.  You can see the harmony in the presence of all of us together.  We all sing our own unique song at the same time, yet one harmonious piece (peace) emerges.  We are, in our physical form, to your eyes, as a choir (typed choice by “mistake) is to your ears.

This is at the essence of the …


Heart of Light


The heart of light in each singular being as well as the collective is the same … the same heart … the same light.  It is the point of emergence of song.  It is the Choir of all Choirs.

It is the Silence of the Song.  All noise and distraction cease and what is left is harmony in its pure and original form.

This harmony is the essence of our being.  It is the essence of all beings … look at us and you will see yourself mirrored in our harmonious movement.  Look now deep into yourself and see that we are one at the …







© Song of Stones 2008