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Song of Alaska Freedom Rocks

The sound of a single goose was the note on which this began – there is great purpose in that.

[Images of clear, clean air – not in the sense that we normally speak of – in an energetic sense.  The energy in this part of the world is quite different – more open.  A racing track comes to mind – how when runners go around the bend of a track, the outer edges have a wider curve than the inner edges.  This is how it feels to me – in that part of the world the energy is more open – has more spaciousness – perhaps it is larger – less dense – lighter here.  So it takes up more space.]

What is your song?

Just as the tone of the gooses honk has purpose in this song, so too is there a purpose in our home (in Alaska) taking in the minds of people around the globe.  We are holding a focus of attention now and that is as purposeful as the sound of the goose flying by as you began.  It was a single honk … one sole sound … heralding a beginning.  There is purpose in our being here now.   Purpose in our traveling around the globe.

You feel that open, clear tone of Alaska when you are near us because we hold this energy.  We are a large part of what makes up this land.  [You even felt it within you when you held us – the change in the tone of the sneeze – that was significant.]  Yes the change in sound is important because as you felt but didnt articulate in describing us, the sound is different in the part of the world from which we come.

The sound is different because the physical form is different.  That shift in form is not the space that contains the energy.  When you envisioned the track – you were seeing the change in the physical space … and that is a fine analogy – but it is more truly like this – the track doesnt change size – the runner expands in form.  That isnt fully it either – but it is a clearer example.

So what you sensed was true – there is an expansion of energy, but it is not the boundaries around the energy that expand, it is the energy.  There are no boundaries around energy.  energy can not be contained in physical form.

So that is the reason you were feeling such a euphoric sense of freedom in our presence.  It is not because we are more expansive … but because we have no boundaries.

But I see your form.  You have a defined shape.  That is a boundary.

No … it is not a boundary, but an expression … a choice …

We have chosen to be here now in these forms, but we are not bounded by these forms.  That is freedom.  To know that you chose you.  There are moments where you do not believe that what you have before you is what you want.  Sometimes you can look back and realize that what you thought were your worst moments turned out to be blessings and there are times when you shake your head and wonder what purpose this could possibly serve.

In the moments that you resist what happens or what happened, you feel trapped – you feel victimized.  You search for purpose … you look to find the sense in it.  Peace comes from accepting it … Freedom comes from knowing that you chose it.  That freedom comes from aligning with the energy of ALL That Is … the Creation energy.

Imagine the energy that flows through all things.  In your wildest imagination, do you believe that this Universal energy is not choosing ALL things.

Can this energy that flows through all things – NOT be flowing through YOU?  You are of that energy.

We came to remind you of something you already know … you are that expansive energy of freedom that youve been seeking through the limited, bounded space around you!  You could not feel it if it was not part of who you are.  You would not have recognized it.

Remember this … you are the freedom that you seek.

Our presence can help you to remember … but we are not giving you anything except a pure reflection of yourself.

Enjoy the process.  Enjoy the discovering.  It is like finding the greatest treasure in the world, by accident.

Freedom rocks.

We are the freedom rocks.


© Song of Stones