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Sanctuary Stone Song

When I held the Sanctuary Stone in my hand, I felt a pulsing – a strong, rhythmic pulse that held me in its centre and emanated outwards in all directions. Like a star – only the stone was not the star, I was. The stone simply allowed me to feel myself at the centre of the Earth’s pulse.
That’s what it was – Gaia’s pulse. And of course we are all aligned with this pulse.  It’s like being with another person and feeling their beating heart [tuning into it] and soon matching the rhythm of their heart’s beat with your own.
They are like trees – veins of the earth, but as trees stretch outwards into the sky, these stone beings focus inwards towards the very heart of Gaia – the earth’s core.

They are like a window in the rain, covered with droplets of clear and [electrically] charged water filtered naturally in the heavens. Each drop is clear and transparent as is the window, though when they are all together, you cannot see through them … like packed ice.  [Which explains why they are especially cold to the touch.]

This stone seems to invite experiences forth which carry issues that are button pushers. The feelings surface and are able to be dealt with – with the maximum support and minimum discomfort.  [I had several personal experiences with this crystal in a very short time. Issues were coming up for me which brought up intense and painful feelings – but the feelings lasted a very short time, after which clarity took their place. The crystal helped me to move out of stuck emotions and understand the purpose for them at the same time – actually perhaps it is the understanding that allows the movement.]

The air ripples like water and I am transported into the very center of myself. I am so centered and so present, yet I feel so distant – so far away from my physical body and all distractions of being in that physical space. 
I have passed through a doorway where the senses are heightened yet do not distract me from the stillness at my center – the center of myself.  They do not affect me.
Actually the physical distractions that would usually most have an effect on me are called up and placed before me – purposefully.  They do not shake me.  They do not move me.  They are there – in my face – and they do not bother me now in this space as they usually do.
What was the purpose in calling up those distracting energies … to show me that the “things” that cause me stress and pain and suffering – in truth – have no power over me.
PLEASE REMEMBER:  I share these experiences openly with you, but they are my experiences.  I trust that your personal connection with the stone will bring forth your own unique and beautiful experiences.


We are amplifiers … just as the trees create energetic cathedrals on the surface of the earth, we do so beneath the earth’s surface.
When you hold us in your field of energy, we amplify your own energy.
We are as your best friend.  We listen carefully to what you say and we mirror that back to you with pure acceptance and support.  You will feel seen and heard and understood.
That pulsing that you felt is just the beginning.  It is the doorway to another dimension of your being.  It is a vibrational gateway that moves you deep within.  Deep to the core of your very being … it is the core of the very essence of “being” itself.  All being.
You can’t find the words for this because words can only limit your understanding of what we are expressing.
It is a space of creativity.  Where the expression of All That Is takes physical form in what is a beauty that is appreciated by all who see it.  It is a balance – a harmony of graceful beauty in physical simplicity where elements come together in pure expression that reaches to the very core of your being, past the mind and into the soul.
The best art will do this.  nature will take you there in its breathtaking scenes of majestic beauty.  It is the space of pure and open expression of your soul from unconditional love.  It is as Art for the sake of Art.
In that space, the whole Universe aligns in perfect synchronicity in love and complete support … of YOU!
Follow the pulse of Gaia’s heart.  We can show you the way.  We can even open the door for you, but YOU must step inside.
Do not fear to enter the depth of your being – you will only find beauty there.