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Russian Lemurian Song

This song came through a co-creative movement in a place of deep listening with a group of very special authentic Russian Lemurian Quartz Crystals.

What happened recently with these crystals is quite profound.  I discovered that the Russian Lemurian Crystals were trademarked, when the owner of the trademark got in touch with me about it.  I usually don’t knowingly offer trademarked crystals – mostly because I don’t like the politics that goes along with the experience.   I was informed at this time too that not all the Russian Lemurian Crystals that are being sold are authentic.  After a long, interesting experience, it was confirmed that these were the original crystals that came from the Yuzhiny Quarry in Russia and had been confirmed to be authentic by the owner of the trademark at the time.  I’m most grateful for the experience, and especially for the song that came through because of it.  Now it wouldn’t really matter to me whether these crystals are “authentic” Russian Lemurians.  They are just very special Quartz Crystals, with a loving energy unlike any I’d previously had the honour to behold – whatever their name!  What is important to me is that what I offer on the website is what I’m saying it is.

Each time I do a song it is different and magical.  I have to say the song for the Russian Lemurian Crystals was one of my most magical of experiences.  The power of the vibration of these crystals blew me away … or perhaps I should say I felt that I might float away.  I dont often have a strong physical reaction in my body while doing a song, but this time I felt the energy of the song in every inch of my body.  I was tingling all over.  I was feeling sensations Id not ever felt while interacting with the Stone Beings. Sometimes the message of the stones is SO profound that it shifts me at my core and changes me forever.  This was one such song. I still feel the beautiful warmth of the stone beings energy in my heart.

As I’m about to type the song … I don’t remember the words now … but I know, somewhere deep within, that the words are not as important as the energy behind them and Im inspired to share this with you … that though the words have purpose.  Each word and each sentence as it came through in the order and at the time that they came through are important, but they are just the vessels of a deeper and more profound message that will be transferred through the connection rather than the words themselves.

I was smelling sage or something like it while I was typing up this song.  Im also supposed to tell you that if some parts seem repetitive, they are meant to be and there is purpose in that repetition.


[Strong and vibrant sparking energy that immediately takes me deep into a peaceful place and a very relaxed state – almost high.]

Sit back … relax … allow yourself to sink deeply into your seat.  Were going on a journey.  A journey into the heart.

We speak not of the heart of your physical body, nor the one of the emotions which can feel broken and betrayed.

We speak of the true heart space.  The heart of Spirit.  The heart of unconditional love.  Pure love that is open and all encompassing.

[you do not need to ground yourself – all is well – you are feeling the effects of this space.]

This space is vast and you are at the center.  You are always at the center.  This space is your heart – so big and so open.

There is great purpose in our presence here – now.  You are about to explore new aspects of yourself and we have come to support that.

You are no stranger to this heart space but you are about to enter deeper than youve yet been.  You are about to move into a love energy so full of light and so vast that your presence there may – well lets say that you may not be aware of yourself here.  Think of it as not seeing the forest for the trees.

Movement is different in this space.  Sounds, scents, textures, colours … all different here.  Come well show you.

You will see us – feel us – differently in this space too.  And its not that anything has changed – just your perspective – just your view point.  Here in this heart space you see things differently.  The distortions are removed – or rather all filters are removed and you see them (things) as they truly are.

Now look at yourself from this heartspace.  Allow all filters to fall away and see yourself clearly.  See all of the brilliant facets of your being.  Yes.  Hold still in your gaze.  Dont look away!  Dare to see yourself in all your brilliance.

It may take all the physical strength you have to hold your gaze.  You are not alone.  We are here to support you.  The whole Universe is here to support you.  Can you see what we all see.

When you can do that.  When you can look at yourself clearly from this space, then something magical will happen.  When you move through this heartspace and experience the sights, sounds, scents and textures of the universe as they are here and when you then turn inward and see yourself with that vision .. and then when you open your eyes back in the physical world, you will find that everything has changed.

This heartspace is so beautiful it is almost overwhelming. The temptation to turn and run from this journey is strong.

It’s amazing that something so profoundly beautiful and deeply peaceful can cause you to turn on your heels and flee. Nothing is lost when you find this place. You do not give up a part of yourself – you find more of yourself. You do not lose control of your life when you wander into this place of Spirit, you realize the very idea of control is just an illusion.

When you move into this heartspace of Spirit and bring it back with you into your physical existence, you bring back a new way to experience this existence … through love.  And we ask you to release the cliches of human defined love and release any expectations of what Divine love should be.  Simply allow it to flow through you without resistance.  It already does anyway.  It takes great energy from your physical body to try to block it.  And it provides great energy to the physical body when you accept it.

And so, the same scenarios of loss and betrayal and disappointment and lonely times and doubts … whatever came before will revisit, but if you view them from this newly discovered facet of your heartspace, you will see them all as love.  You will feel them all as love.

So go on ahead and explore the vastness of your heart.  Find yourself there and bring yourself back.  Most importantly – have FUN while you do so.  Remember we are here to support you on this journey.


© Song of Stones 2008