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Manifestation Crystal Song

It is so beautiful to see a crystal encased within another. Perhaps the fascination in this is that we can behold a crystalized example of a being growing within another being. A visual of life renewing!  A visual of a whole within a whole!  There is something else here also – that to become an individual – a separate entity – we must take up ‘space’.  There is a beautiful sharing here, because for us to ‘take’ up space – a ‘space’ must be made for us – given to us.  If we look at the manifestation crystal we see that part of one crystal is ‘given’ to allow a new presence to emerge.  Sometimes when this presence emerges – there is a shattering – a ‘breaking’ through – an explosion of sorts, creating fractures as well as rainbows!  It is a wonderful and rare treat to see one crystal within another.  Both there – both occupying the same space, yet each separate individuals.  It helps us to see the possibility of our oneness.

As I write this now in this moment, I see why I was drawn to offer these tonight … during a time that I am working on manifesting something new in my life … as I see and feel the presence of these stone beings I realize that the secret to manifesting is not in trying to ‘create’ something, but in realizing our oneness … in realizing …



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