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Light Bud Song

Some time ago, it was brought to my attention that the stones I was offering as Azeztulite could only be sold by that name if I purchased it from the company who held the trademark. The trademarked stones come from N. Carolina and are channeled. The stones I have come from Arizona. They are respectfully hand harvested by a geologist who has personally checked out the composition of the stone. He discovered that both are the same stone geologically. Some may feel that energetically the stones are different. I received these stones from a very special supplier – a couple who have a deep and special connection to the mineral world and a wonderful honesty and integrity. They have experienced both stones and enjoy the hand harvested ones from Arizona and this is what they share with people. I have not experienced the stones from North Carolina, so I can only tell you what I have discovered in working with these Arizona stones … and what my customers have shared with me. I find these stones to be about “LIGHT”. Such great light contained in so small a package … they teach me about the strength of my own inner light and show me that we all have within us a great light such as this … that we need only allow this light to shine brightly, encouraging others to do the same. From my customers I hear only “positive” things about this stone and about the strength of its energy … many return for more … it is a favorite among my customers.
Of course, when I discovered that the stones were trademarked and I was not allowed to use the name, I immediately removed the listings. My intention was to relist them without their trademarked name. That was quite some time ago. The stones recently began singing to me. They shared their name and their song …
Now I share that song of Light Buds with you:
Our size is deceptive. We are not speaking metaphorically – like there is great energy in our small package. We are physically larger than the size you see us to be. That is why when you hold us in your hand, you feel that strange sensation of your hand being surrounded in energy. It is. You do not hold us. You place your hand inside us. It appears to you that you are holding us in your hand but this is not truly what is happening.
This is also why you feel as if you’re holding onto nothing. It is not because we are small and light. It is because you have not truly grasped us … you’ve only been allowed the illusion of holding us.
This illusion is needed. It is the only way you can interact with us at the present moment. You will at one point see the truth of our being and you will realize we cannot be held in the finite space of the palm of your hand.
Yes … you see that this message was not ready to be heard until now. The truth could no more be grasped than the stone you thought you were holding … until now.
That light you see within us is closer to our true essence than what you see as the stone which carries that light.
[ At this point I experienced a bright rose/pink warm light … looking at the stones, they appeared much further away.]
We are masters of illusion. We can show you many things, like the appearance that we are further away from you than we are – as you see at the moment.
The pink glow you experienced was a gift of love and friendship. It cannot be expressed in words. Do not try. The more you try to grasp it’s meaning, the further it slips out of your understanding.
It is the same with the truth of our beingness. You cannot grasp that any more than you can grasp us physically. The more you try to understand us, the less you will know us.
We are not a concept to be grasped. We are not so simply defined so that we can be known. We are not an idea to be thought of. We are not a physical stone to be held. Nor are we the light suspended within the stone.
We are here in this moment in time because you are ready for us to be here. You have created us.
It is not so much that you are ready to see us … but it is that you are ready to see that which we “embody” (language?) within you. When you see these things in us, which we have revealed to you, you will see that same magic within YOU.
Don’t resist the name we offer. There is purpose in it. All is connected … remember ...
 Yes … that is it ...
Light Bud
We are here to plant the seeds of light in your mind. Don’t try to force this seed to become a full grown flower holding all of its potential in an instant.
This light within you will grow naturally and in its own time in perfect harmony in the garden of your being. It will become all that it is meant to be. It already is, actually. The time and movement of its growth is for you. This blossoming allows you to fully enjoy and embrace the beauty of the full flower that is held in seed form.
Enjoy it. It is for you!
© Song of Stones 2008