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Included Crystals

Whenever 2 or more different crystals come together they create a balance and harmony … they show us with a “crystal” clarity the beauty that comes when 2 completely different beings/energies live together.  Each being seems to bring out the most beautiful qualities in the other.  In a way, they showcase each other’s finest points, enhancing and magnifying these qualities.  The way they do this is the key to this harmonious co-existence … it is by each being all of who they are.  In shining and sparkling with every facet of their being … in each being who they are, they encourage the other to be who they are.  In accepting themselves completely, they accept all others.

These stone beings are perfect teachers of peace … something that we all are coming to understand at this time in our history.  We are learning that to coexist in harmony with all beings is necessary for our own well being.  And the “included” crystals allow us to physically see the result of such a peaceful coexistence.