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Gather Harmony of Colour

Stones come together in unity to sing a song of Harmony

These crystals were gathering together as millions of people gathered together today to watch the unfolding of a moment they knew was history in the making.  I did not realize at the time, because I was focused on the movement of the stones, how precise the timing was between the crystal colours coming together and the swearing in of a new president.  Both were complete at about the same time.

I must admit that I was not thinking of the Presidential Inauguration.  I have not been as excited about it as others may be.  Not because I don’t recognize that history is being made, but because I see each moment as history unfolding in the harmony of its flow.  We want so much to be part of history in the making, rarely realizing that we ARE history in the making.  We are it, even now.  We look for a blaze of glory … a special moment framed by well chosen words which will be quoted in our grandchildren’s time.  And we want there to be dancing in the street … a parade at least.  We want to be able to say, we were there.  We saw it happen.

Yes it was a momentous occasion; but to my eyes, less so because of the Presidential Inauguration, and more so because of the gathering of the masses … all coming together at one time with the same thoughts of unity, love and support of each other as Americans, rather than as people of different ethnic backgrounds come to see the first “black” president … at least that is how I’ve chosen to see it.  Perhaps it is because I do see it this way,  that I’ve felt a moment of pause rather than celebration.  I’m not seeing it as a historic first because if I focus on that, I end up in awe of the fact that we’re still labeling each other by culture or creed.  I’m looking on from a different vantage point.  I’m seeing the Universal shifting of energies that are manifesting right now as people coming together in celebration of Unity.  I’m not looking at one man in one country who made it to a place no other before him has … but at a group consciousness that has created such a dramatic shift in energy that the world is in celebration.  You and I my friend … we did it.  All of us created this.  If we focus on one man being behind the change that is this world, then we will miss something spectacular here.

If we focus on the story of one man, tomorrow it will be over and we will feel an emptiness.  But if we know that all that we do in each moment of our lives is more important than a nanosecond of History wrapped in fancy packaging, the energy that drives us to withstand cold and crowds, to endure tears and fears, to see change and unity … will be ours always.

I did not realize this morning as I was called by the stones to gather them how this would unfold and how symbolic it would be … if I had remembered the inauguration and stopped to watch it, I would have missed this other important moment.

I had the honour of a different type of gathering of Unity here, while those in the U.S. were gathered together.  The gathering here was on a slightly smaller scale than the one in our sister Country, and we did not have a grand feast following – though there was a bit of a parade as the stones posed for pictures …. BUT the energy was the same!  It’s amazing whether there are millions together or just a few, the energy of Unity is the same.


© Song of Stones 2008