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Dream Crystal Duets share a Story of First Love

These crystals came together from a co-creative movement, each reflecting Masculine/Feminine  energies in their form.  The sang their song through an image of a longtime married couple – together since the beginning of together.

What is your song?

We are as old as story.  We have one to share with you …

Once upon a time, Man and Woman knew each other.  They saw each other.  They were part of each other.  They loved each other.

When we tell you they saw each other, we mean truly seen and known.  We mean that they saw themselves within the other.  They respected each of the qualities the other had and didn’t feel lack of any of these qualities within themselves.  Each were unique and there were physical difference, but they did not see these differences as separation.  They did not feel one was superior to the other.

Each of them had special gifts and desires and each of them embraced those qualities and expressed them freely and openly, without trepidation – without guilt – without shame.  Just love.   Love of each other and love of themselves.

When they came together, it was very powerful.  Two lights merging to create something magical.  It was not just a stronger and more brilliant light.  It was something more.  It was a light that was magnified a thousand fold.  It was a dazzling explosion of pure energy, unhampered by fear and doubt.  It was creation in the purest sense.  

Once upon a time, Man loved Woman and Woman loved Man.  There were no rules or roles or struggles for power and control.

We were there.  We witnessed this pure love.  We were that pure love.  We remember it well.  We hold it in our being.  We all do.  You do.  All do.  We all hold this memory of this pure love between Man and Woman.  That is why you are so unhappy with the way Man and Woman come together now, in this time.

It can be this way again.  Not someday – but now – in this moment.  Simply release the struggle between the Man and Woman within yourself.

The reason Man and Woman knew each other so well those eons ago is because each had all the qualities of the other.  They simply had their own unique way of expressing those qualities.  Look within and see those qualities of both man and Woman.  Embrace them.  Accept them.  Love them.

See the Man and Woman within you.   See the Man and Woman in all.  It is there in all beings.  Only it is uniquely expressed.  When you can see it fully within yourself, you will see it in all beings.

When you can love all the qualities in yourself, you can know love.  You can know the love of Man and Woman.  True Man and Woman.  First Man and Woman.


© Song of Stones