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Crystal Pink

I woke up to the song of a pink crystal glistening through the glass of the jar it was sitting in. It reached out to me from across the room through its soft loving glow. I went to get it. It was a pink Opal. Once I had it in my hand, an image of another pink opal stone was shown to me through my mind’s eye.

I opened up the other glass jar I keep on my dresser ready to rummage through the many stones to find it. That was not necessary. It was laying right at the top. I scooped it up. My hands humming with loving pink energy. I knew that I was drawn to this crystal as much for the pink energy as for the opal’s.

This happened once before about 11 years ago...the strong pull of the colour pink through the stone beings. Then the pink crystals shared a song. I grabbed a pen to record this subtle song. Even the ink that flowed out of the only pen in reach was PINK…of course!

Pink Song…

There is so much more to the pink ray than what is typically associated with us.

More than our feminine energy. More than our child like quality. More than a flowery note. Our pink part is so much more than any of that. It is certainly more than an association with a disease. Don’t brand us. Don’t limit us in this way. For when you do, you limit yourself.

The Pink ray is a reflection of a part of yourself. We each hold the pink ray in different intensities. When you are attracted to us for our pink tone that means the pink in you is singing too. We sing together.

We sing of the soft embrace of angelic presence. It is a song of the warmth of babies’ breath and the touch of tiny hands. A love of the pure heart of a child.

You don’t always welcome this gift when it is presented because you may not feel you have it to give back. But you do. Otherwise you would not see it now. You can only see what shines forth from your heart.

See yourself in that gift of love. Don’t you recognize YOU!

The Pink in my Body

The gift of that song holds true as much today but this was not the reason these stones were singing this time. While I was recording a video about this pink song, I started to feel myself wheezing as I spoke. I realized that the crystal was showing me one of the things it came to support. The crystals will sometimes do that. They will create the sensation in my body of what it comes to support.

So if you are feeling the need for some loving energy in your throat—and it could be at the physical level in the form of a cough or cold or at the mental/emotional level as a need to free your voice and to more fully express yourself from the heart—try calling in some soft, sweet pink.

Pink Crystals

Here are some pink crystals who offer their loving energy: The Pink Opal, the Pink Chalcedony the Rhodochrosite, the Thulite, the Bustamite. Choose the pink stones that are singing most sweetly for you. 

Pink Star Song

I like to co-create Star Songs with my crystals. These ethereal essences take you much deeper into the energy of a crystal. It’s a beautiful way to connect and the frequency gets transmitted in a very different way than it does when you hold or meditate with a crystal. Get in touch if you would like to experience the pink energy through a star song.