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Crystal Flow

Last year, there was a purposeful flow in Song of Stones. Everything that was shared came from the intention of helping to shift us out of that powerless state of the past few years and be more empowered and more peaceful—to crystalize our power.

This past month, I’ve been finding myself asking the question...

What’s next?

That’s the question in my heart today. What is next for Song of Stones? What can I offer this year that would be of most benefit? How can I share the crystals and my experiences in a way that will bring light and purpose? I had thought that by now, I would have the keynote for the year.

I’ve been focussing on staying in a place of deep trust and having an open heart. So far, each week, the next step has come and the words have flowed. Flow is actually what the crystals are singing about today. And by the way, our crystal of the year, Copal, personifies this flow beautifully. In some of them, you can see the movement of the currents and ripples, now frozen in time.

Being in flow

That feeling of being in flow is a satisfying one. It gives a sense of accomplishment. Living in a progress driven society, that’s important for us to have. When we don’t feel like we are flowing. We can feel stuck. It can seem as if we are not getting anywhere. That we are in limbo. Worse, that we are not accomplishing anything.

Humans don’t do the stillness thing so easily. Resistance keeps us from seeing that coming to a standstill can actually be a good thing. The most miraculous things happen during the pregnant pause of the cold, quiet, winter.


I’ve been thinking about this pause...from the perspective of the crystals, who can take thousands of years to form. I look at their smooth sides and geometric perfection of their form, their sparkly facets, their beautiful symmetry. I imagine how still they must have been while they were crystalizing. Looking at the magnificence of their final form, I’d say it was well worth the wait.

This is where I am now with Song of Stones...crystalizing. Patiently awaiting the next step.