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13 Snakes – Song of Snakeskin Agate

I had a dream.

I dreamed that I received a shipment of crystals.  Within this shipment were 13 live snakes.  They were loose in the Crystal storage room and I was feeling that they needed to be contained.  I was very fearful of them.

I knew this dream was important, but I didn’t realize how important and how connected it was to the crystals until later.  Until one day when I was in my crystal room and a small group of Snakeskin Agates captured my attention.  They had been there for a very long time and I never really paid much notice to them.  On that day, they stood out from among all the other brilliant Stone Beings that surrounded them.  These soft, inconspicuous, simple stones were … well they were almost glowing.  They were singing a song so beautiful, they could not be ignored.  I paid attention.  I went to get them and I gave them a gentle rinse to remove the natural dust they arrived with.  I don’t know how I made the connection as it was very subtle (though I believe that they communicated it themselves) but I began to wonder if these “snakeskin” agates were connected to the dream.  Excited by the thought, I began to count them … sure enough … there were exactly 13 of them!

Here is their song:

The snakes in your dream were loose – uncontained – free like your Spirit.  You tried to contain it – keep control over it – but the Spirit, as the snakes cannot be contained or controlled.

We are here in perfect number to support you in releasing your spirit … to support you in freeing your true inner nature – your natural state.

Look at our form … see how we allowed that form to be what it is.  See how no two of us are alike.  This is why it is important for you to see us in our natural form – untouched – unaltered.  Even our dessert essence has stayed with us.  That dusty scent adds dimension to our connection.

Follow it.  Follow us deep inside to our point of connection.  It is the place where our Spirits meet.  It is the place where the part of you who knows the part of us meet up.  It is the place where we are the same.  Where we reveal the secrets that you’ve been keeping from yourself.

Do not be afraid of the part of you which you’ve hidden in this darkness.  Do not fear the snakes that have escaped their cages and are moving freely.  Those snakes which mirror your freed Spirit.  Do not run from them either, for you cannot run from yourself.

Play with them.  Allow them to show you what true freedom feels like.  If you are bitten it is only your own venom that flows through your blood.

Slide smoothly out of the skin that keeps you tightly wound within a false prison of your own making.  That tightness you feel is only yourself expanding outwards from a container which no longer fits.

Allow the cage to dry up and dissolve.  Let it shrivel into the dust from which it came.  It is how it is supposed to be.  Allow your spirit to burst out into the vast playground of freedom.

Yes, feel the truth of this.  Release your doubt.  Yes.  You are meant to be free.  It is a choice though.  You must choose to be free.**

Do you choose freedom and expansion… or do you choose to remain inside a skin that is too small for your growing spirit.  One which continues to shrivel and shrink until it dissolves into the dust.

Which do you choose.

We’ll tell you a secret.  Your Spirit cannot be contained nor can it disintegrate.  It will be freed.  Your choice is to how this freedom will happen.  Will you break into freedom consciously or unconsciously.  Will it be with trust or fear.

We offer our support in this grand transformation – no matter which you choose.  We offer our support without condition.  We can if you choose, show you the place within where you will remember the truth of this choice.  We can help to guide you to the understanding you hold of this metamorphosis.

We do nothing more than show you what you already know and only if you choose.  Either way, you have our support in our presence during this process.

**[I wonder if this is what is meant by free will.  That we must choose to be free.  That freedom is ours, but we must choose it.]

Excerpt from the Song of Stones blog about these Stone Beings:
These 13 Snakeskin Agate Stones shared a song with me.  It was a bit of a personal message, and I hesitated in sharing that song.  Not because it was too private, but because I didn’t think that anyone else would be interested in it.  As strong as their pull was to me, so too was the “push” to share this song, despite my trepidations and insecurities.  Ego can be just as strong in they shy.  So, I’m ignoring my ego’s shouts of protest and desperate promises to protect me from the risk of vulnerability and I’m trusting my heart’s song.  Trusting my heart’s direction feels right and doing so helps me to remember something important.  Each time I have opened my heart and shared without censoring, I discover that others are touched by that sharing.  Not because my experience is so special or unique, but because deep in that sharing is a place that all of us are familiar with.  It’s a place where a part of each of us dwells.  When we speak from our heart … all hearts can hear us.


© Song of Stones 2008