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What is Alchemy really?

The stone beings shared a simple truth about alchemy …

The transmutation of lead to gold is what most think of when they hear the word alchemy. There are those who see alchemy as a spiritual transformation likened to the transmutation of lead to gold. But Gold is the goal be it real or metaphorical. Why is that? Alchemy was an art. It was a science. It was the basis for all science which followed including modern medicine. It all began with Alchemy. It was so much more than the search for the philosopher’s stone. It’s like saying aspirin is the only medicine of the modern doctor, and their purpose is the search for the cure to the common cold.

Open your minds and hearts to an ancient practice full of intrigue and new discoveries. It was a time of possibility. It was a time where physical and metaphysical were united. The ancient alchemists understood that there is more there than what is seen with the physical eye.

So why have we reduced these artists, scientists and philosophers to one aspect of a magical practice. Why do we only focus on the Philosopher’s stone, the transformation of lead to gold. Because of the value of gold. Even those who look at this transformation as a spiritual one, focus on the end result – enlightenment … spiritual gold. Both are missing the true treasure and that’s why the Philosopher’s stone is so elusive. The seekers focus on a goal. One of changing something of little or no value to that of great worth. That quest has no end in sight. It is a treasure so deeply hidden it will not be found. Those who set out on such a quest will meet death before uncovering the secret.

The making of gold is not the purpose of the philosopher’s stone. And achieving enlightenment is not the goal of the true spiritual alchemist. Both are illusions brought forth from the ego in attempt at control.

The end result is not the purpose … the journey is the purpose. The process itself is the treasure. That is because changing lead to gold is nothing compared to finding the place where 2 substances meet to become one. That is the true magic … the true treasure. Finding that point of convergence opens up a world not conceived of by mortal man …

[a small part of the song below was personal but I left it in, trusting that you might find something in that piece that speaks to you in a personal way as well]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You are about to venture into a new space … and your world is about to get a great deal bigger. It’s about to blow wide open.

Take baby steps as you venture onto this new ground. There is lots of time. Time actually is irrelevant in this place.

This is the place of true alchemy. The true magical practice, hidden from the world for eons. That which is believed to be alchemy by most is an illusion based attempt to discover the true hidden realm. It is a grasp in the dark – but such a grasp that the reach is not even on the same world. It is quite like modern medical science trying to heal something they don’t understand. That is the alchemist trying to change lead into gold.

On the spiritual side those seeking enlightenment through spiritual alchemy are like those trying to heal others with energy and vibrational techniques. Both sides are locked on a path which takes them in circles.

You have already stepped off that path and are about to journey further into that realm of true magick and transformation. You are about to begin to translate that ancient language you’ve been receiving messages about. Let go of any expectations as to how you will do it – or what it even means. It will simply happen like other things have when you allow them to unfold without questions, hesitation or doubt. You will be far into it before you realize what it is you are even doing.

This will require complete trust in yourself. There is no holding back here. it is time to let go fully and completely.

Stay within yourself. Trust ALL of what comes. Yes all of it. There are no mistakes. YOU KNOW THAT.

Go … FOLLOW the unfurling path as it opens up.

The true guardians of the ancient art watched as the true purpose of their craft became distorted by ego’s desire of material power … as they turned art to science … as they turned a fluid flow of spontaneity to a rigid practice of repetitive fixed formula.

Alchemy in its purest, basest form is about the exploration of relationship. It is about seeing the harmony and rhythm of all life and experiencing the subtle notes and flavours which blend together to create the whole. There is much to explore in this way. But as soon as you try to separate the elements of the whole – to remove them and place them in glass bottles, you lose the fullness of the notes. It becomes something else altogether. It loses its truth. It ceases to be pure and real and becomes a chemical synthesis – synthetic.

There is an abundance of life and movement in every nanometer of this Universe. Sights, sounds, scents [flavours, colour] … to astound. The only way to experience it fully and truly is by becoming aware of it.

Trying to extract pieces of it and mixing it with other pieces will not show you the truth. It will merely take you further from it. It will take you from the richness and show you a fragmented view of a reality far removed from that you sought to experience.