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Surprise yourself on Purpose!

Surprise Stones

Life can sometimes bring us unexpected surprises which throw us out of our routine and cause us distress. We are after all creatures of habit, preferring to sail the still waters of expected norms past familiar land marks that keep us safely housed within the borders of our known world. We may talk of wanting newness and adventure but truth is that we feel safe in our structured world and when something intrudes on the normalcy it shocks our systems.

A gift from Ruby

Ruby dropped by recently to gift us with a message about coping with life’s unexpected surprises. Now I speak to you about bringing a surprise into your life on purpose!

It is all sorts of fun to receive something hidden within a package – knowing that it has come special delivery just for us. The surprise alone is a pleasure. But there is a greater gift in this exercise in adventure. One that we may not be aware of or, for that matter, that would enter into our conscious stream of thinking. It is that in the moment in which we pick up the package and begin to unwrap it – before we know what is inside it – we have opened up our hearts to receiving a gift. It is an exercise in trust; knowing that what is inside has been chosen just for us and accepting that gift – even being excited about it – without knowing what is coming.

If only we could always see life like this we’d be so much more joyful and peaceful. I think the biggest percentage of the stress in our lives comes from worry about what’s to come. Imagine if we could trust that in each moment the Universe is blessing us with a gift that is chosen just for us with so much love and thoughtfulness. It may not be something we thought we wanted or knew we needed. But if we can stay open to the idea that whatever comes is a gift from the Universe – that the Universe sends us ONLY what we most need and that is for our highest good in each moment – imagine how much happier we would be.

Gift from the Universe

An image is filling my mind now of a grand Creator being strolling down the aisles of a department store picking out things to fill a sparkly gift bag with my name etched into it with letters made of light. She is taking such great care in lovingly choosing only the best things to send into my life. The examples the Universe sends to help me understand makes me chuckle sometimes.

It’s easy to think of life’s surprises in this way when they are things that we want and have been praying for. It’s not as easy to see the unexpected surprises as gifts of love sent from the Universe – especially when these surprises are painful.

Open your heart

So if you are wanting to begin to open your heart in trust you can begin by surprising yourself on purpose. I invite you to choose to allow me to send you a stone surprise. This is an easy way to being to let go of doubt and hesitation and trust that the Universe is sending you the most perfect thing. It’s easy to take a chance with crystals because hey – they are crystals – and ANY crystal would be a wonderful gift.

The Stone Surprise is something I’ve offered before and many of my regular clients choose them. With the new website came a new energy – so I’m offering “the surprise” in a different way than I used to. There is one simple fee for listening for a crystal for you. The crystal itself is a gift – as are all the crystals on the website. It is quite a different way to “do business”. It takes you right out of expectation or perception of a stone’s size, value, aesthetics or popular metaphysical properties and focusses instead on what energy you need in the moment and which crystal is singing for you in this time. It took a deep trust in the Universe and in myself to shift to this way of offering the crystals. I don’t know anyone else who offers them in this way and I was not sure if this model would be accepted. It does make a really big difference in the energy of the experience with the crystals when you receive them in this way. You will see when you have experienced this way of playing with the stone beings.