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Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystals are what I first thought of when I heard the word Crystal. They are the stone beings I first saw in the imaginary Crystal Cave I visited as a child. They are the wands of the fairies. They are the structure of the palaces of light, home to the beings of the mystical realms. They are the portals to worlds not yet imagined. They are crystalized light. They are mirrors of the soul. They are friends and guides.

Information overload

There is a magnitude of information on the metaphysical properties of the Quartz Crystals. There seem to be as many types of Quartz Crystals as there are other types of crystals (like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, tourmaline). It was at first my intent to list all the types of crystals and their metaphysical properties here for you to have easy access to. But then I realized that I could use this space to give you something far more valuable. I could show you how to discover these qualities for yourself. In doing so you could unlock the many other hidden secrets of the stone beings that are not written about in any of the Crystal Books.

Listen to the Crystals themselves

I invite you to discover something that you will not find in anywhere else. Come see for yourself how to listen to the Stone Beings. In listening to their song, you will learn to listen to yourself … and that is the greatest gift that they offer.