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Dragon Egg Crystals

You have dared venture into a magical space reserved only for those who have a deep and sacred trust of the hidden magic in this world. STOP NOW AND READ NO FURTHER if you are not ready to step into the darkness of the inner realms. There the only light you’ll find is your own. So if you are to see … truly see … then you must allow your light to shine in all its power so that it may guide your way.

I have written these words and only now do I realize that EVEN I was not ready to venture forth into this magical realm. My way was barred by the fairy guardians. I have been hearing the sparkle of their laughter as I tried over and over to reclaim the lost pages of this listing. Not once .. not twice … but thrice this listing had been created and erased by their mischievous spirit. I can only join in their laughter at my insistence in trying to control this offering. When one ventures into the magical realm and plays with the magical creatures which dwell therein, one must trust fully and with a completely open heart. I AM READY. I TRUST. I AM OPEN.


In the midst of fairy play and singing crystals, a new stone being made its presence know to me as “Dragon Egg”. This BLUE DRAGON EGG sparked something within me … a remembrance … a recognition … a deja vu. I’m not sure what to call it. I’d only ever seen one other before this that evoked these same feelings … a very RARE Romanian Smoky Quartz Crystal.

Seeing this Blue Quartz crystal helped give more substance to this fleeting memory. This crystal has a very special form. It is shaped like an egg – but an ancient egg – one that has been covered and hidden until the right and perfect time – like this memory. It is hazy, but as the fog lifts more is revealed until I see it fully and then I remember. The Blue Egg is mostly opaque, but there is a small translucent window. I saw a movement in the egg through that window. A blue billowy substance in the egg that glows. I realized that something special was happening – something magical. A birth. A birth of a fairy baby. The egg was about to hatch.

She was not the only one. There were others and she guided me to them all. They were also birthing fairy babies … TWINS! For a moment … I saw them all. They were revealed to me in a very clear way … in that moment. The moment passed and doubt crept in again. Perhaps this was the reason this listing disappeared … as my trust did. I trust fully now that they are there. They are there and they will show themselves in that perfect moment … when all falls into perfect alignment, in perfect harmony. They are there and you will see them when the Universe takes a breath and blows away the haze of uncertainty and reveals them in the clarity of trust.


This first Blue Egg showed e that the Dragon Egg crystals could be any type of stone or crystal. They hold within them a spark … a seed of life. I remembered this same spark within a group of Agate Enhydro stones (Water Babies). She helped me to understand that the Dragon Eggs hold that same spark. They hold life within their being! But a kind of life that we are not familiar with. We might not fathom or understand that life, but it is LIFE nonetheless! I had the sense that these Dragon Egg Crystals were very consciously and intentionally gridding themselves in significant places around the world … getting ready to hatch!


The magic that surrounds these wondrous stone beings has been woven through many connections with many beings. Even colour was part of this dance. The pink and blue rays had been shining so persistently at the time of the emergence of the Dragon Eggs as if to announce the birth of these magical ones. They were not so much a sign of boy baby or girl baby … just BABY period! Ok … Ok … I got it. IN CELEBRATION of the Dragon births, a beautiful group of Pink and Blue crystal duets came together.


As I usually do, I took lots of wonderful pictures of these beautiful stone beings and I posted several of each of the crystals. It seems that I am being asked to trust even deeper here … not just in myself, but in you as well. I am to trust that the eggs will find their way home in a simpler way. I am to trust that you do not need to see a picture to know in your heart if you are to become guardian to a dragon egg fairy baby. I am to trust that each of the 13 egg crystals which are awaiting homes will find their way … they will actually GUIDE the way. The fee was also guided.

A special song came through this magical connection for those who take home a Dragon Egg. I am working on making it available as an offering in the Lightbrary.

Here’s a message I received from one of my clients who chose a Dragon Egg and a personal song:

Hi Smadar ... I want to share with you that today I received these wonderful stone beings. I had just looked at them and read their song. I don’t have words to describe the magic Im feeling right now. This nest its so so beautiful beyond words… It was an incredible and powerful connection as if we have found each other after a very long time… To my dear dragons… I was not fully aware of the love I have to the dragons… Until now…. The energy is flowing in a magical way in my entire body and beyond it and I feel a blessed energy that simply made me cry.
from Hector Lopez, Mexico