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Crystals for Chakra Centers

What crystals and stones are ideal for the Chakra Centers?

There is as much diversity of information for the Chakras as there are for the crystals. Where do you begin? Are there 7, 8, 9, 10 or 13 chakras? Or are there more than that. Are there more chakras than we can even perceive of? Which colours connect with which chakras? When I first began to learn about the chakras, I had all these questions and more. I still don’t even truly know what a chakra is. Some refer to them as Energy Centers … but what does that mean? Is it better that these centers are open or closed? There are differing opinions on all these questions.

Ask to be shown

At the risk of sounding as if I’m repeating myself. I’ll tell you the same thing for the chakras as I do for anything else. Trust yourself. Ask to be shown that which you need to see. Explore the chakras yourself and find your own answers. What you find in this exploration may be entirely different than what any other person will find. We are each so unique. We eat different foods and wear different colours and have different traditions. What nourishes one soul may be act in an opposite way for someone else. What draws one spirit may repel another.

Blue for the Heart?

So in this same vein, just because a stone is red, doesn’t mean it must be a root chakra stone and just because a stone is blue doesn’t mean it can’t be a heart chakra stone. Go within and discover the answers for yourself. The stone beings are wonderful sources of support in both guiding such a journey and supporting you in trusting yourself. Choose your chakra stones in the same way you choose any stone. See which one sings for you. Which one are you most attracted to. It doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to make you happy.