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Animal Totems manifesting within Crystals

Animal Totems can be found in many places and in many forms. Sometimes your animal guides bring you their medicine in co-creation with the stone beings. I have seen many of my animal guides take form within the stillness of the crystalline realm. When you find an animal presence in a stone being, trust what you see. Trust in the purpose of this connection.

If you wish to find information on your animal totems, there are many wonderful resources available. One of my favourites is the Animal Speak series by Ted Andrews.

Remember, the best place to find the message your Animal Totem has for you is directly from your animal guide. Ask them what they’ve come to show you. Just as you connect with the crystalline beings, so can you connect with the Animals. Listening to the song of your Animal Totem is not any different than listening to the Songs of the Stones.