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Water Baby Star Song - Song of Stones
Water Baby Star Song - Song of Stones

Water Baby Star Song Crystal Elixir by distance

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I dreamed that I was in the center of the earth in a healing center and I was carrying an Agate Enhydro which was open and the water exposed. I showed it to a woman who was in agonizing pain and she took it from my hands and drank the water. 

When I awoke, I knew that this was a remedy dream - not just for the woman I dreamed about but for any woman experiencing trauma or pain in relation to her womb - be it around her monthly cycle or around child birth or infertility. This is what the dream was telling me. It was a remedy dream. I've dreamed in remedies many times and in every case the dreamscript has worked wonders.

This Star Song is for you ... 

This Water Baby Star Song is for you if you have an open wound or trauma in connection to your womanhood. Whether your pain is physical or emotional, it is agonizing. This Star Song gently eases you through the trauma and out of that stuckness you have been feeling - not just around your pain but in all the pieces of your life. Because when you have an unhealed wound in our center of power it keeps you from moving on in any part of your life.

NOTE:  This is a distance essence. No physical product will be shipped to you.

What are Star Songs

We live on a planet of water. Our bodies are of water. Water is key to life. It is the only known substance which can transform between all states of matter. 

I discovered a new way in which water can transform ... into a mystical medicine. And I became a water alchemyst ... and Star Songs came into creation.

Star Songs are ethereal essences co-created with crystal and/or color and water and sent to you over distance. This mystical medicine comes into being through the magic of water alchemy and in the presence of Angels.

We are beings of light and each Star Song we journey with sings us closer into embodying that light.

A customer asked me to co-create a Star Song with her Soul Journey Stone. She says ... 

"Hi Smadar,  ... the experiences i have had, and are still having are – actually I’m trying to find words but i can’t. Never have i had so much come up at once, realisations, now it all makes sense, wow why did i not know that before moments, emotions that i have pushed down for so long and have not allowed myself to feel are all coming up. The wonderful thing about it is that, it’s OK, everything is great. …… Much love, light and blessings ... Jan from New Zealand" 

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Once I have received your order, I will be in touch within 1 business day to discuss arrangements to bring your personal Star Song Essence into presence. Please make sure that you send me your best email address and check your spam box if you do not receive my initial message.

NOTE:  This is a distance essence. No physical product will be shipped to you. Due to the nature of this offering no refunds will be given once a Star Song is ordered. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have before you commit to a Star Song.