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Shiera - a Lemurian Dream Crystal - Song of Stones

Shiera - a Lemurian Dream Crystal

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This one is the last of a group of rare and beautiful stone beings I had here, called Lemurian Dream Crystals. 


Many of these crystals have inclusions of a rare earth element, Anatase, one of the 3 mineral forms of Titanium Dioxide found in nature (the other being Brookite and Rutile).  I believe that even those Dream Crystals that don't show visible inclusions of Anatase, still holds its energy.


Here is what the supplier said about them.

Lemurian dream quartz contains phantoms ranging in colour from creamy white to pale green, and integrates spiritual dreams and awareness into the realities of the earthly life.  They easily elevate thoughts to access Lemurian wisdom from higher planes.

They feel softer than the other Lemurians I have felt, more feminine, more about goddess energy. They do have the striations on the sides, but they are different from the other, clear quartz Lemurians I have seen. Again, they are softer, many of them are not cleaned with the acid baths, or whatever else they use to take off the soft chalky surfaces from them. Some have a soft green quality. Some call them  "Goddess Lemurians".


Before I offered them on the website, one of these crystals made it's way to a customer who has a very deep connection with the Stone Beings. She had quite an experience with that crystal and generously agreed to allow me to share that with you here:

"The Dream crystal you sent is wonderful and I have spent the most with him.

 This is what Tower has told me:

In my smokey depths I have much clarity.  Fear not the angles of life, for they are softened by the light of knowledge.  Your inner depths, the places of darkness, go there and find true meaning.  We will help you shine brightly, so that your light will lead you out of darkness and into the soft arms of Divine brilliance.  Do not be afraid of your dark places, learn. Tower"

If you love the special energy of this beautiful stone being, you might be interested in seeing these feminine crystals as they paired up with a masculine counterpart and shared a moving song of First Love:

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I haven't listed the Dream Duets yet - if you're interested, let me know and I'll listen for one for you.

This stone being is approx. 2-5/8" x 1-1/8".