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Sapphire Vortex Crystal - Song of Stones

Sapphire Vortex Crystal

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These beautiful large Blue Sapphire Crystals come from Zimbabwe. Sapphires are rare to find, especially in this large size and especially with Record Keepers. These Crystals have a beautiful blue tone and are quite gemmy. This one has a black mica vortex that gives insight into this special stone's gift to us. It is approx. 1" x 7/8".

Sapphire vibrates to the number 2 and is the astrological sign of Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius. Sapphire is the second hardest of all minerals. It is a form of Corundum and shares its attributes. Corundum is found in many colours, but in its red form it is known as Ruby. It stimulates ambition and confidence, dispels harsh and irritating attitudes, subdues the emotions and helps one to release anger in a positive manner. Corundum promotes insight to the unknown, enhancing intuitive awareness. It can also be used to rid one of unwanted thoughts and to bring joy and peace of mind by opening the mind to beauty and intuition. Sapphire is known as the "stone of prosperity" sustaining the gifts of life, eliminating frustration, and fulfilling conscious desires and dreams. Throughout the centuries, Sapphire was known as an "eye stone", an instrument for removing foreign objects and treatment of eye diseases. This may have been based on the practice of ancient Egyptian physicians who used an oxide of copper (Sapphire is aluminum oxide) mixed with boric acid as an eyewash. This astringent was known as Lapis Armenus. It has been shown to be effective by modern medical research.

Some rare Sapphires contain record keepers - one or several raised perfect triangles on one or more of the crystal faces. These symbols are not easily seen and usually need to be searched out by looking at the crystal in a bright light. It is believed that the record keeper is one of the most sacred crystals because it holds the ancient knowledge, wisdom and profound secrets. When a person is properly attuned to a record keeper, this knowledge is readily made available. It takes an open mind and a pure heart to access this knowledge.