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Rapt - Song of Stones


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This intense Quartz Crystal from Zomba, Malawi in Africa is filled with the energy of Aegerine. He is a tabby who has a very powerful magnetic attraction. He comes to teach the secrets of charisma and how it stems from graceful movement. You will see when you have it near - the power of his magnetism and how he inspires you to move in his presence. You can see how crystals have embedded themselves within his magnetic form. Some are other Aegerine in Quartz crystals but there are also Microcline crystals. 

Aegerine is a very special stone being. It is sleek, dark, flashy in it's shine and very elegant. It looks black in person but a green tone is sometimes revealed. Aegerine vibrates to the number 5 and is the astrological sign of Pisces. Aegirine can help us in following our personal beliefs and morality and to do that which is required. It actually provides the strength for one to be true to oneself. It helps us dispense with the effects of group pressure, and in accepting ourselves without conforming. Aegirine can help us to strengthen personal integrity and conviction. We can use Aegirine to remove emotional blockages, to allow us to reflect personal attitudes, opinions and conceptions. Aegirine can help us to generate energy. It acts to concentrate the positive energy in an area and to interact with all who are present, providing revitalizing, mental stimulation, concentration of healing energy for other minerals, and unifying the group effort. Aegirine can protect us from negative energy. It can increase the amount of energy applied by other minerals when used in any healing situation. This crystal can help us to accept a state of sufficiency - of realizing what it is we 'need' … the right amount … not too little, not too much! With this crystal we can understand the meaning of 'enough' and know that this has nothing to do with abundance in our lives.

This Aegerine in Quartz crystal is approx. 2-1/2" x 1-1/4"