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Pyrrhotite Tumble Stones - Song of Stones

Pyrrhotite Tumble Stones

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Pyrrhotite is an iron sulfide Mineral with some unusual characteristics. It has an unusual formula as the amount of sulfur varies by approx. 20%. This variation causes a physical difference. When the Pyrrhotite is low in sulfur, then the structure is hexagonal. But when it is high in sulfur, the structure is monoclinic. Two different symmetries, two different formulae; therefore, two different minerals . . . except, that in natural Pyrrhotite crystals both phases are present in the same crystal. Pyrrhotite crystals can be seen as an union of two minerals, but most minerologists treat it as one. If I understand this correctly, it sounds a lot to me like quantum physic's wave-particle duality.

Another of Pyrrhotite's unusual qualities is that it is magnetic or at least weakly so. It is the next most common magnetic mineral to magnetite. Although not all specimens will show great evidence of magnetism if any, some will attract a paperclip or needle suspended from a string or move the needle of a compass. Massive pyrrhotite is common and magnetism is sometimes the only way to distinguish it from other brassy colored sulfides such as chalcopyrite, pyrite, pentlandite or marcasite. Pyrrhotite is also called Magnetic Pyrite because of this magnetic property and also since the color is similar to Pyrite.

I can't find any metaphysical information on this special stone, but I can tell you about my own experience with this stone. I have been carrying it with me often lately. I've been having to spend a lot of time in very busy and crowded places - like malls, grocery stores and hospitals. I am usually hypersensitive to the energies in these places and often times I have strong physical reactions, especially with that much exposure. With a Pyrrhotite tumbled stone tucked snugly in my pocket, I found myself handling these energies with greater ease and less physical effects. That was such a blessing because I needed all the strength that I had to deal with an intense time in my life.

This Pyrrhotite Stone comes from Peru. Pyrrhotite have a mirror like metallic luster. They are very similar to Pyrite. They are a very heavy stone, making them a wonderful support in grounding. My supplier was told that Pyrrhotite is a stone that Edgar Cayce worked with, but I have not found any reference to that.

This Pyrrhotite chuckle is approx. 2-1/8" x 1-5/8".