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Light Guidance

Light Guidance

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You are a Sensitive Soul who has special gifts to share with the world but sometimes you could do with a little support too. While you are giving so much of yourself to others you need a little spiritual guidance and nurturing yourself. It might be that you have not yet come to know your gifts. You may be super sensitive to all things physical and spiritual and feeling overwhelmed and just plain terrified. I know that feeling because I was there too. But I made it through the fear. Now ... 

I am a light guide for light guides.

I will show you that the things that terrify you the most are the same things that will help you the most. I will help you to see the world in a way where the crazy, weird, impossible, magical stuff makes perfect sense and is perfectly normal. 

I promise that ... 

I will always believe you no matter how crazy you think your story is.

I will always be on your side no matter how alone you believe you are.

BUT THE BIG ONE IS that ... 

No matter what you believe you've done wrong, I will help you to see that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

Light Guidance is given through Skype or by Phone or Email. (BY EMAIL:  We will have 1 email conversations with 1 follow up within 1 week.)