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Inner Desires Awakening (IDA) Year Long Guided Journey (coming soon)

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IDA Journey to Awaken your Inner Desires

A very special crystal began singing a song of awakening and expressing your deepest, truest desires. Doing so catapults you onto the path that leads to your Soul's purpose in this lifetime. it is only when you can be clear and truthfully express your desires that they will be realized. 2015 brought with it the energy of the awareness of your deepest desire and fulfillment of a lifelong dream that you might not even have known you had.

A very special crystal began singing a powerful song and shared a message that held the promise of good things to come.  This special crystalline being has opened me up to understand an energy shift that the world began vibrating beginning 2015. She whispered a message to my heart, which I shared in a recent blog.  IDA inspired the co-creation of a yearlong journey where she and other totem stones and light beings would come forward to support you in discovering and expressing your deepest desires.  IDA began our Journey with a very special "Song" that holds a profound message. You will begin with that. She carries a beautifully powerful energy that will be felt throughout the entire Journey.  She is TOTEM stone for the entire year and will be present throughout the journey.  You will no doubt feel her energy.  If you take a moment and really connect to her, you can feel that energy even NOW.

Truly it doesn't matter when you begin this Journey.  This Journey is far more than the sum of it’s physical parts.  When you join this group you are connecting to this energy matrix of this creation.  Much of what you will receive will come from a space beyond what is shared in physical form.  You will feel this for yourself.  It’s truly magical. In order to access that magic, you must be "ALL IN".  That was the message that came through from IDA.  In order to experience the full benefit of this journey, you must commit to it fully. You must commit to journeying through this awakening for the entire year. You can take longer though - you can take as long as you need. And you will have access to this program for as long as it is in existence. You can do it over and over again several times. You will always discover something new and receive a new gift.