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Golden Angel Crystal

Golden Angel Crystal

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Golden Healer crystals have always fascinated me. I thought it was because of their golden tone or opalescent glow - which draws me in every time. Now that they have shared a song with us through a morning crystal blessing I see what drew me to these magical beings. (You can receive the blessing through the link below):

These beautiful beings show us how to connect to our Golden Angel. They show us how to connect to the healing golden light. They show us that the light comes in through the center of our being and expands outwards, filling our entire aura. I hope that I was able to do justice to their message when they spontaneously began to sing during a morning crystal blessing. I've never shared a message that way before. I didn't know that I could. That's another thing that these crystals showed me.

This listing is for the Crystal who is shown in the images. She is the one who brought through the Crystal Blessing and the Song.