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Galadrot Tine two of one - Song of Stones

Galadrot Tine two of one

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A magical group of clear Quartz Crystals from the famous Jeffrey Mine in Arkansas began to sing a sweet silent song of enchantment. These sparkling crystals come from a special place on this earth known for sparkling ancient high energy Quartz crystals. This wonderful place is known as the Quartz Capital of the World. Those of you who have experienced the magical energy of the Arkansas Quartz Crystals understand why.   

These are a special group of Crystals. They are the 13 Enchanted Crystals of Fairy Rock. They carry the song of elemental magic. The Fairies are present here within the crystal borders of these stone beings. They dance and play in harmony with their Stone hosts. They are each Star Child Crystals (self-healed).  Each one of these special Crystalline Fairy dwellings has it's own unique characteristics and personality and name ...

This magical being is approx. 1-3/4" x 1". He is Galadrot Tine two of one.