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Flashy Rainbow Moonstone Pendant 41409 - Song of Stones

Flashy Rainbow Moonstone Pendant 41409

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Flashy Rainbow Moonstone Pendant set in sterling silver. 

Rainbow Moonstone is a wondrous stone with flashes of bright colour (usually blue to violet) that contrast beautifully against it's creamy white surface.  But the flashes of these particular pendants are spectacular.  Rainbow Moonstone of this quality is rare to come. Many of these stones are quite translucent. This one is quite transparent for Rainbow Moonstone.

 approx. 3/4" x 3/4" (not including the bail)

Here's what one of my customers wrote me when she received her pendant:

I just got the moonstone and it is GORGEOUS. I know you said that it had life and sparkle but I was really not prepared for the joy and life of this wonderful stone.  Thank you Thank you. You have given me a lovely, joyous, beautiful stone. I already have it on a chain around my neck. What a beautiful stone!!!!!!