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Monthly Star Song Subscription for 12 months - enjoy the cumulative benefits

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Once a month at a magical moment, through a guided movement, a Star Song comes into presence to offer its gift to those who choose to join this special circle. The Star Song is a distance essence and its energy is transmitted vibrationally through the ethers.

Each Star Song holds a unique energy transmission that is complete in and of itself and can be profoundly transformational. We have become aware of the cumulative effect of taking in the energy of the Star Song Circles from one month to the next. Each new Star Song connection seems to build upon the energy of the last.  So if the gift your Star Song gave you was a feeling of greater clarity, then with the next Star Song you might feel an even greater sense of clarity and it might extend to more areas of your life and it may last longer.  Or you may notice that in addition to the clarity you feel more peaceful or you experience less emotional or physical pain.  I don't know how your gift will show up for you. They are tailored to you. Each of us experience different issues. From what I have seen though is that there is always a gift and I am always amazed.

You may choose to be a part of the monthly circles as a one time thing, but if you would like to experience the cumulative effect of these mystical essences, then we invite you to join us regularly for a year. We have discovered that lasting change takes time and there is benefit in solidifying new harmonious patterns with gentle energetic support for extended periods of time.

Each Star Song gently lifts another layer that hides your truest and fullest emanation of the light that is your authentic being. As this inner light is revealed, you move deeper into a truer expression of who you are.  This strengthens you on every level of your being (all your bodies - physical/emotional/mental).   The BLISSFUL feeling that arises when you come out of the fog that has kept you in the dark intensifies and stays with you for longer.

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NOTE:  This is a distance essence. No physical product will be shipped to you. Due to the nature of this offering, no refunds will be given once a Star Song is ordered. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have before you commit to a Star Song.