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Chlorium Star Song March 15th to March 22nd - Song of Stones
Chlorium Star Song March 15th to March 22nd - Song of Stones
Chlorium Star Song March 15th to March 22nd - Song of Stones
Chlorium Star Song March 15th to March 22nd - Song of Stones

Chlorium Star Song March 15th to March 22nd

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A special circle of Chlorite Crystals began singing. They generously offer their vibrational energy wisdom in understanding the global pandemic. They are going to join me in sharing some wisdom about why we should not be afraid but in the meantime, they have joined with a peaceful pair of Lithium Crystals to share their energy out into the world through a Star Song.

While the Chlorite Crystals bring understanding, the Lithium Crystals offer their cool calm. They show us that even though there are some things we have no power over, there are some things we do. Whether you are feeling powerless in the face of this global pandemic or you are feeling the pain and fear and panic of others (or both), these crystals offer you the blessing of a moment of peacefulness.

Together they sing out this Chlorium Star Song to ease your fears and soothe your anxieties.


The Magic of Star Songs

We live on a planet of water. Our bodies are of water. Water is key to life. It is the only known substance which can transform between all states of matter. I discovered a new way in which water can transform ...

into a mystical medicine.

And I became a water alchemyst ...

and Star Songs came into creation.

Star Songs are ethereal elixirs co-created with crystal and/or color and water and sent to you over distance. This mystical medicine comes into being through the magic of water alchemy and in the presence of Angels. 


We connect over zoom while the Star Song is coming into presence. The Star Song continues sending light vibrations usually for 24 to 48 hours - or longer if that is what the creation inspires. I will be in touch to let you know when the Star Song is complete. We reconnect over zoom to talk about the experience.


A customer asked me to co-create a Star Song with her Soul Journey Stone. She says ... 

"Hi Smadar,  ... the experiences i have had, and are still having are – actually I’m trying to find words but i can’t. Never have i had so much come up at once, realisations, now it all makes sense, wow why did i not know that before moments, emotions that i have pushed down for so long and have not allowed myself to feel are all coming up. The wonderful thing about it is that, it’s OK, everything is great. …… Much love, light and blessings ... Jan from New Zealand" 


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