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Amazonite Power Pendant

Amazonite Power Pendant

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Lovingly handcrafted Amazonite Pendant encircled in thick sterling silver. 

This magical Amazonite Pendant has a beautiful sparkly shimmer that moves across both of her sides. She shows us that when we wear our jewelry with conscious awareness of the stones as medicine or guide, then our jewelry becomes a talisman. She shared a crystal blessing with us. Click on the play button below to receive it:


In happy synchronicity, I discovered these beautiful stone creations from a wonderful new supplier.  The energy of these pieces moved me so profoundly that I knew I had to share them with you.  They are created with loving intention from their design, to sourcing the stones to handcrafting them in fine quality sterling silver. Each stone is purposefullly chosen and cut in an intuitively designed shape and caringly set by a local Canadan artisan. The spherical stone (rounded on both sides) is suspended in a circle of solid silver, so the stone rests directly on your skin.  The piece hangs from substantial silver bail on a simple black cord.  These are one of a kind power pieces. They are not precisely cast mass produced items.  They are perfectly imperfect. These jewels are high energy pieces. These treasures will offer their energetic gifts in many ways.  They may have been created as jewels, but they can be placed in sacred spaces or for co-creating powerfully energetic crystal elixirs.

Amazonite Pendant approx. 1-1/4" in diameter