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A Sacred Wedding Crystal - Song of Stones

A Sacred Wedding Crystal

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I had a dream that I was gathering crystals to march down the aisle with at my wedding. When I awoke it was with wonder and excitement. It’s really a deeply sacred experience to hear the crystals singing in dreamtime. Their song was one of creating new rituals and traditions in this ancient ceremony for lovers. They were showing me a new way in which they wanted to be offered … as crystalline companions to brides/grooms on their sacred day. I am shown also crystals on the guest tables laid out in harmonious grids or in stone bowls as centre pieces. A wedding is a magical event. Inviting in the presence of the stone beings powers the magic and infuses it with a spiritual light that is grounded in earth energy.

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If you so desire, I will listen for the crystal that is singing to be present and witness to your sacred love ceremony.

Get in touch if you would like me to also help you grid your wedding event with crystals.