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ORB Self Healing Facilitation

When you are in the bliss of Divine Light, pain dissipates.

I gently guide you into that transformational space

and the rest happens through that Divine alignment.




Origin Resonance Bubble

The ORB is a self-healing facilitation technique gifted to me directly from the Universe. I received it as a child but it is only now that I understand what I was given. I am a bridge between you and Origin energy. When you are in this Divine light, there is no pain. Reconnecting with this Divine light seems to have lasting effects. I have seen clients with chronic pain find instant relief and the pain does not return.


It's a Gift

You are an empath or a highly sensitive person and you would like support from someone who truly understands the many challenges you face in life as a result. You are deeply spiritual and believe in the magic of the Universe. You sense the incredible power you have to heal yourself, you just need a little help getting there.


The Evil Eye

If you are a highly sensitive person and/or empath, you can easily get overwhelmed by the toxic energies of this world and sometimes you may feel physically, emotionally, mentally unwell. It may be that you are feeling the effects of environmental toxins. Sometimes it can be very clear that you are being affected by the toxic energies of another person

The ORB works to strengthen your boundaries against uninvited energies, cleanse your physical body of old unconscious beliefs, release ancient energetic patterns and begin to tap into the limitless wellspring of origin energy.

Our purpose is not just to clear yourself of an evil eye, but to prevent anything or anyone from affecting your energy in the future.


The power of 3

The ORB technique works best when done a minimum of 3 times. They could be spread over a period of a week or they can be done once a week for 3 weeks.

We will connect live over zoom in a safe and loving space. My clients tell me that they feel comfortable talking to me about anything. Everything you share is kept as private and sacred. There is nothing that you need to do to prepare and the sessions last approx. 30 minutes


"This is the best I have felt in about 6 months!" -- Evi

"My knees feel great today." -- Melanie

"I truly feel it is a special gift that awakened a remembrance in me." -- Annina

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