Welcome to the New Song of Stones. You may begin making magic with the crystals while we continue to add crystals and work behind the scenes on the design.


These fascinating crystal scepters come from Aricuai, Brazil.  Each one is so unique with interesting etchings and wonderful forms.  Ive had them here ready to offer for quite some time ... but they remained here beside me while I worked, never feeling quite like the right time until now.  And now, I understand why!  

Theres been a teaching coming through recently.  One that some crystal beings have come forward to show me.  The teaching is of balance and harmony ... specifically of the balance and harmony in masculine and feminine energies.  I believe all beings have this duality within them ... but in some one is more prominently noticed than in others.  Within the stone beings it is sometimes very clear whether the appearance or the energy feels more masculine or feminine.  And sometimes it is not so clear.  What I have begun to notice ... very recently ... is that there are some stone beings that share the physical form of both of these energies.

We are coming into a time in the history of this Universe where we are beginning to understand - or should I say instead, beginning to remember - the importance of being in balance with both of these masculine and feminine energies.  It is a time where we are seeing what happens when one energy is more dominant than the other.  Our planet is showing us what happens when we take, but dont give back ... when we speak, but we dont listen ... when we destroy to create ... when we take care of our immediate needs but dont plan for the future.

Now we will begin to work together  ... the strong and the soft ... the wild and the tame ...  the coarse and the smooth .... the sour and the sweet .... the sound and the silence ... the movement of the wind and the stillness of a rock ... the dark and the light ... 

And we will see that together we are stronger.  Together we are harmony.  Together we are one.

And then we will know that it has always been that way ... that we have always been in balance ... that we have always worked together in harmony.  We will know that we have always been one.

These crystal scepters are such crystals ... holding the masculine energies in their smooth straight shafts, while the feminine is revealed in the crown that molds itself in creative forms to the smooth straight column that gives support to its swirling energy.  And together they take form as one, teaching us of the beauty in this balance.  These crystals give us a crystalized visual of the two energies in balance ...

We can see this balance and harmony in all beings ... if we wish to open to it.


© Song of Stones 2008