Welcome to the New Song of Stones. You may begin making magic with the crystals while we continue to add crystals and work behind the scenes on the design.


A crystal recently came into my life which taught me something wonderful.  It had the shape and structure of a crystal, blended with the feel and heaviness of a rock.  It combined the grounding and power of the raw energy of a rock with the beauty and form of a crystal.  Very powerful.  This crystal showed me the nature of its duality.  It helped me to experience it.  To feel being in two different places at the same time.  Within my body and without.  Here in the physical but at the same time in the spiritual.  Being disconnected, yet connected.  It was a powerful experience.  I don't suggest that you will have the same experience.  I only share mine with you.  I imagine that these crystals would be helpful in seeing this dual nature in all things and understanding that there is more to what we see than what meets the eye.  
"There is an ancientness to their presence.  A powerful primal energy.  A regalness; a confidence; a depth; a solidness."

Whenever a crystal comes into my life which affects me deeply, as this one did, I want to share it.  Just as this teaching came into my life, some crystals arrived which carried these qualities.  I am so happy to be able to share these crystals with you.

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