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Sun Kissed Smoky Citrine Bracelet - Song of Stones

Sun Kissed Smoky Citrine Bracelet

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Beautiful bracelet made with natural chunky roughly faceted Citrine beads and lined with nickel free brass.

I recently met a wonderful soul with such an open heart that crystalline colours flow out in  beautiful patterns that adorn our bodies and nourish our souls.  Each of her jewel creations are one of a kind and intuitively hand crafted.  She takes great pleasure and pride in her work and it shows.  The energy of these pieces are just as sparkly and beautiful as the jewelry itself. Sometimes a message comes through as she creates ... 

"I am Citrine and I capture the rays of the sun in my facets and crystals.  I allow you to see yourself and all your strengths.  I keep you safe from others' ill-wishing.  Hold me in your hands to keep you warm and in your wallet to keep you propsperous."

approx. 7" in length when open without the clasp and 8" including the clasp