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Stone Song - A deep personal message from your crystal - Song of Stones

Stone Song - A deep personal message from your crystal

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Your crystal has a message for you. I will listen to that message for you.

The Stone beings have been on our Earth since it's beginnings. They are the record keepers of our planet ... crystalline libraries.  Held in their memories are the stories of the ages.  They offer their secrets freely to any who know how to access them.  They offer too, a gift more precious than any value placed on them as jewels.  That gift is their song ... a personal message born of deep, abiding wisdom that reaches right to your very essence and transforms you from the inside out. This message is held for you within their crystalline forms, in sacred trust until you choose to receive it.  When you are ready, I am here to listen to the stone being who is singing for you and transcribe your personal message.  You will receive that message in a PDF document to be sent to you with your crystal (or by email).


I meet your crystal in a sacred space of stillness.  I listen with a completely open heart for the personal message your crystal has for you.  I write it down with pen and paper as I find the message flows more harmoniously that way.  After your message has been brought through, I type it up so you will be able to read it.  The experience of listening to the Song of Stones is a co-creation.  Two (or more) beings connecting in complete acceptance of one another ... with love.  And through this connection a song emerges - a poem, a story, a wisdom, a truth, an idea, a realization ... and it doesn't end there.  It happens within the realm of the soul where anything is possible.

One of my customers describes what I do in a way I could not:

"... the Song is perfect!! It is exactly the message I need right now.  Both my life and my soul are going through such a major transformation and both on literal and spiritual levels ...   Thank you so very much for taking the time to listen and for the work you do in this world.  I think the way you connect stones with the people with whom they belong and also how you help the stone beings reveal their true selves is important and amazing work.  You remind us that EVERY being has a soul and has a purpose in this world."


You will receive a personal message from the crystal of your choosing, typed in a PDF document and sent to you with your crystal (or by email).  This art of listening to the Songs of the Stones is one of patience and deep listening.  It is a process that is guided by all energies involved and I honour the natural rhythm of that flow.  It may take between 2 to 3 weeks before your Song and stone (if you have chosen one) will be ready to be sent to you.  I appreciate your patience.

CLICK HERE for a peak into the process of listening to the Song of Stones.