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Magic is Awakening Journey CONTACT TO BE WAITLISTED - Song of Stones

Magickal Apprenticeship CONTACT TO APPLY

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Personalized, year long, hand held, guided journey into expanding and practicing magick. You get all the journey materials from the MIA (Magic is Awakening) Journey, plus much, much more. We work together intimately throughout the entire year. I will share all that I have learned through my own decades long journey to connect with the mysteries and magick of the Universe, which ultimately is to deepen the connection between yourself and your creator -- the source of all creation. 


• We meet once a week by zoom

• We connect by email when questions or urgent situations arise

• Personalized Guided Meditations

• Personalized Magickal messages.

• Personalized affirmations and incantations

• Bonus ORB Healing ($333 value)

• Bonus Star Song Crystal Water healing elixir ($333 value)

• Bonus Soul Journey Stone (limited availability) ($333 value)


Do you know how to access the full power of your magic?

As the Universe is expanding and transforming we have access to energies we may not have been aware even existed. You sense that. You’re feeling the magic. You have been tapping into it here and there, though you may not be aware that it’s coming from you. What if I told you that you DO have magic and you can make it happen ON PURPOSE! You just need to remember how to access it. 

You are magical!


payment plans available

Get in touch to set up an appointment to talk about whether this journey is for you. I only accept 1 or 2 apprentices per year. I would be happy to add you to the waitlist.

If you prefer to work on your own, you can choose to take the MIA year long self guided journey that is available.