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Crystal Dreaming
Crystal Dreaming
Crystal Dreaming
Crystal Dreaming

Crystal Dreaming

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Dream Journeying with Crystals

Dream Journeying is a way of exploring our dreams to find their deeper meaning. As we do so, we reconnect with our dream self and with the dreamer collective. When we unify the 2 parts––the waking and the dreaming self––our dreams become a portal to Higher Wisdom and Divine Guidance as well as healing medicine that can only be accessed from the dream state.

We add an even greater dimension to this journey when we bring the STone Beings in to help us remember and understand our dreams and to go deeper into their messages.

Have you forgotten your dream self?

Woman has forgotten how sacred and healing her dreams are. Our dreams don't hold the same importance in our lives as they once did eons ago when women would gather together as a practice and share their dreams, gleaning personal wisdom and collective information. 

Your dreams hold higher wisdom from your soul, messages from the Universe and healing medicine. You might need a little help remembering how to remember them and in understanding them when you do. I will help you reconnect to your dream self and show you how to decipher the mystical messages that your dreams hold.

We connect together over zoom at a time that works for you. Together we explore your dream and discover the hidden, deeper messages that it holds. It is a sacred exploration that offers profound spiritual shifts.

3 Sessions over 3 Weeks

3 Sessions

30 minutes each

1 times a week for 3 weeks

We connect over Zoom in a safe and and loving space


If you choose to do the Dream Journey with Crystals, I will send you a Dream Crystal to journey with. We will schedule our appointments once your Crystal has arrived.