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Wild Prairie Sage Smudge Bundles - Song of Stones

Wild Prairie Sage Smudge Bundles

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Hand harvested wild Prairie Sage from the Pipestone valley in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I love White Sage! BUT when I discovered this WILD Canadian Prairie Sage, I was so excited. There is something very special about those Earth offerings that grow wild on the land, drawing in the energy of the place they grow, developing in harmony with and connected to all those who dwell together with it. Then there's the added dimension of being hand harvested with respect and love. The wildcrafters of this special sage take only what is needed - balancing our current needs with the future of the eco-system to not only sustain growth but to allow it to flourish.  All are harvested with respect and gratitude to Mother Earth.

Sage is a ceremonial herb used for centuries by the Native Nations, but the practice dates back to ancient Babylon. There is something very special about working with this enchanting Earth Child. The sage's heavenly scent rises up in the smoke, and guided by your movement, shifts and transforms the energy of your space. It is a truly beautiful co-creative ritual.

Wild Prairie Sage Smudge Bundles are 1oz. - approx. 8" - 13'