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How the name Song of Stones came to be and why I call the messages from the stone beings … songs?


Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Each being has a unique energy signature – a frequency that is their own personal expression. All of existence is vibrating and vibration is sound. So in essence the Universe is a song – a harmony that is being sung by all of creation through their mere presence. The name Song of Stones is a symbol of this universal song … the vibrations of light that sing through the universe.

There is a deeper reason too There is a song that I have heard playing since I began to awaken to the magic of the Universe. It is not audible to the human ear. It extends beyond the 5 senses. You must hear it with your soul not with your body. When I first started hearing it I didn’t know what it was. It scared me at first because I thought that there was something wrong with me. But I came to find comfort in that constant tone because it reminded me of my connection to All That Is. Whenever I feel lost and anxious I take a moment to tune into that sound and remember that I am part of the Universal harmony. When I feel the crystals vibrating and sense their song – their story – I also feel that deep connection to unity consciousness where there is no separation between any being.

Crystals have been in this world for eons. They are the record keepers of our world. They share their timeless tales with us through their harmonious vibrations. These “songs of the stones” may not be detectable by the human ear but at some level we sense their loving vibrations and mystical harmony and that is why we are so drawn to them. So just as songs are stories set to music, the crystals share their timeless tales with us through their harmonious vibrations. And just as a song can touch us even if we don’t understand the words, a stone being’s harmonious vibrations can move us quite deeply even when we can’t hear their messages directly. And that is the reason I call the messages that I listen to from the stone beings … songs.


Then when I went beyond the deep symbolic reasons for the name “song” I discovered even more associations. For instance, when we connect with the right crystal – our vibrational match – we respond to their light signature by coming into harmony with them. It is much the same way a singer can make a glass vibrate just by singing a note that is in resonance with the natural frequency of that glass. Resonance is when a vibrating object sparks another object with the same natural frequency into a synchronistic motion. This is where the magic of crystal “healing” lies. I put the word “healing” in quotations because in my perspective the crystals don’t heal us. We are magnificent, powerful beings of light – just as they are. There is really nothing to heal. How can you heal a Divine being. And you are a Divine being in a human body.


What I believe happens is that their light signature (or energetic frequency) sparks something in us … a sense memory – a recall triggered by a sense – an “extra” sense in this case. That awareness shifts us out of our current vibrational pattern and into an expanded one. That new pattern may take us out of our pain – even a chronic issue can seem to be miraculously cured – and so it can be seen as a spontaneous healing. But what I believe happens is that when we resonate with a crystal we move into harmony with that resonant vibration and that draws us into closer alignment with our true form. The closer we get to our true vibrational state of light – the further we move out of fear and dis-ease.

In simple terms … just being in the presence of a crystal that we resonate with can remind us of part of ourselves that we forgot we had. That simple act of remembering unlocks and releases that forgotten fragment and takes us closer to the truth of who we are – which is light. The awareness itself can be enough to shift us into a new vibrational pattern. Sometimes old stories and certain traumatic issues may not be a part of that new pattern. So in one moment we can be experiencing pain and then with a simple shift in awareness the pain ends. The “cure” may seem to have come from the crystal but all the crystal did was naturally vibrate. It was just humming in its unique natural frequency – singing. In other words – it simply was being itself.

I like to believe that seeing the stones as singing – as vibrations of energy – of beings of light – connects us to them. Because we are also vibrations of energy and beings of light. I hope that this brings us closer to seeing the stones as conscious beings that we co-create with in kinship. Being with the stone beings in this way opens us up to receive the full magnitude of their gifts.