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Tibetan 25

The Tibetan crystals are very special – very near and dear to me.  Many years ago a group of 25 of them came forward to reveal a truth that was important to my personal growth as well as the direction of Song of Stones.  25 of these very special crystals made it clear that they should be made available.  I got a clear message that the price should be $25 and that each one should be the same price.  I was resistant at first, because they were different sizes and in many cases size is a determining factor in the value of a stone.  But this special group showed me where my prejudice lay.  They helped me to see that my judgements were clouding my judgement.  These crystals showed me that they were each special and incredible.  Each had their own unique gift to offer and each was beautiful.  Their size and shape was not a factor in their true value; as is true of all beings.

When I was choosing the crystals – or rather when they were making themselves known to me, I kept hearing the word “volunteer” … but I disregarded it.  It didn’t make sense to my mind.  Again my judgement kicked in and affected my “listening” skills.  Clarity came and I began to understand that when the stones were volunteering, that they were actually and literally volunteering … offering themselves completely to help me to understand what true value was.  The purpose of the $25.00, was for my part in this connection – the energy (time and effort) I was putting in.  The teaching that was being passed on here was about trusting in my worth.  My outlook on my own value was the cause of my issue in pricing the stones.

The price of crystals and how they are valued has always been a “concern” of mine.  I now believe that it had been an issue for me because I had been judging the value of what I do and it was reflected in my concerns about pricing.  I was confusing pricing with value.  These special stone beings helped me to realize that I need to see my own “value” in order to truly value them.  It was their message to me. That is a truth for all things … we value most what is most valuable to us.

So yes, these crystals were teaching me about judgement; and not just about how we value others, but in how the value we place on ourselves is reflected in our judgement of others.  I had always seen the beauty and value in the stones and now the stones were showing me how to see the beauty and value in myself.  They showed me too, that seeing my own value is an important part of the connection … equally important to the value I was placing on those outside myself. Seeing my value was an important part of trusting my ability in connecting with the stone beings.  If I didn’t value myself, how could I trust myself.

I also came to understand that abundance (or apparent lack thereof) is directly related to how I value myself.  If I put restrictions on my self worth and send that out to the Universe, then that is what is reflected back.   I was shown that we truly have all that we need or want … in ALL areas of our lives, and all that it takes to manifest it 3-dimensionally/physically is realizing our true value … to believe in ourselves.

This is a personal story but the message is one for all of us.  The feeling of lack and the lack of self worth is a universal issue that is present within all of us.  We see it as much in those appearing most egotistical as we can in those appearing most humble.  We are all valuable.  We are all EQUALLY valuable.  This “equality” does not have anything to do with financial value (with what we do for a living and how much money we make), with appearance (with how beautiful we are judged to be), or even with our character (how good or righteous we are judged to be).  It has to do with our true essence … and that is one of ONEness.

When the First 25 came forward, I was stepping into a new phase/stage of my work with the stone beings.  Now another group of 25 come forward when I’m at a similar crossroads to sing their message through once more.  Much has happened since they first came with their message but their message is still valuable and I’m able to see deeper into it through a new persepective.

The original Tibetan 25 crystals shared a message with me and I share it now with you.  I am grateful to have the honour of connecting with each and every one of you.  From my heart to yours …. I VALUE YOU!



The Tibetan 25 come forward to show us that …

An old pattern has been broken … a new one created.

A new way of being … a new way of working … a new beginning – begun during the first 7 days of Spring.

It is time to sing to a different melody, knowing that the old tune was in perfect harmony, as is the new one.

It is time to sing a song of stones in brilliant color and light … in synchronicity with All That Is … in LOVE (and of light).

I am ready …


Accepting the light

shatters old patterns

and propels us into a new phase of life.



A glass cracks revealing a movement like the flow of a river; a shift in the earth; the veins of a leaf; or the blood in our bodies.  All ever moving, flowing with a force that we call life, yet we can’t define.

Movements, shifts, changes are all inevitable and necessary and lead us to our heart’s path, even though we resist it with all our might.  We resist the very thing we want … the very thing we cry out to the Universe for in our darkest moments.  We resist it because we know it means change and the unknown, even if it is good and exactly what we want … we resist it.

The thing is … the Universe is out to help us, despite ourselves and sometimes it takes more than a crack in the glass for us to fix or replace the glass.  Sometimes the glass must shatter into a million pieces leaving us with nothing in our hand to hold onto.  We still resist .. we cry, we cry out in anger, we lament, and then we even try to hold onto the memory of what was.

But finally, we surrender and then the light begins to shine through a tear in the curtains that have been holding us in darkness.  At first it blinds us and causes us pain, but this pain is different.  It is the pain of a child learning how to walk …  the pain of falling back down into the dark.  But this time we get back up because we’ve seen some of the light and we are drawn to it.

Soon we will tear the curtains down and we will run into the light, not understanding why we resisted this feeling of warmth and joy for so long.   And what we saw as the most painful time of our lives, we now look back at with gratitude.

And we begin … again.


© Song of Stones 2008