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The Gift of finding my Voice

I had a blog already prepared for this month – the first time I’ve been so efficient with it.  Usually, I’m putting something together the day before or the day of … often times I end up delaying the newsletter so that I can finish the blog.  That has become S.O.P … and that’s not standard operating procedures … OR ACTUALLY IT IS … but it more appropriately should stand for Specialty Of Procrastination.

Anyway, I decided to hold off on putting out the blog that’s already been written – that would be too simple anyway – and give you instead the message that came through a very special crystal.  A Sacred Crystal.  Sacred in many ways … Sacred Seven in her Crystal Form.  Sacred Herald in that she holds an inspired message.  Sacred Feminine as she is symbolic of the rising/expanding feminine energy.


She sings of the awareness of the purpose of our existence … beyond what we understand purpose to be.  She shows us in her very form how we can be unique individuals and AT THE SAME TIME a unified consciousness.  She shows us in her uniqueness that there are still discoveries to be made in our ever-expanding world.  She helps us to see that creativity is infinite.  She reminds us of our feminine form – always pregnant with possibility – and that is not speaking about Woman alone.  All beings carry the dual energies within them.  This feminine power does not discriminate against those without a physical womb.


You know I have been struggling to find voice to help people to understand who the crystals are and how they can add depth and dimension to our existence.  I’ve been working so hard at finding the words to describe them and the effect of their presence in our world and I’ve failed miserably.  This precious one come to show me how to do it.  She’s come to show me how simple it is.  That I don’t need to struggle so hard for it.

So here goes …

The crystals are here as creative expressions of the Divine, just as any other being is here.  However, these ancient ones have a unique gift for us.  A gift that is theirs alone to give.   They reflect the Divine in such a beautifully powerful, utterly peaceful, incredibly magical way so that we can SEE that DIVINITY when we SEE OURSELVES … they help us to see the IMAGE OF THE DIVINE in the MIRROR that they are.  They help us to see the TRUTH that we were created in the IMAGE of our CREATOR.

They mirror the Divine so clearly because of their simplicity of being.  They do it in a such a gentle, loving, open way as to allow us to accept that truth as our own.  They do it simply by being.

That is their gift.  That’s what I’ve been trying to say this whole time … since the beginning of Song of Stones.  I’ve been waiting for this brilliant, gentle, beautiful being to gently coax that message out of me.  What an incredible blessing she is.  I am forever grateful.