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Ruby – Rags to Riches

The paradigm of worth/value in our universe is about to shift.  Before it does, the Universe requires us to experience the full spectrum of the effects of this monetary system.  Many of us at this time are experiencing lack … and it doesn’t matter what tax bracket you are sitting in.  The feelings of debt and lack can visit any of us, no matter the outer appearance.

There is so much fear that arises around our current value system of money.  Fear of not having it, fear of not having enough, fear of losing what we do have.  Amazingly, having a lot of money does not guarantee us the security we are seeking, as the more we have, there more there to lose and the farther down on the social scale there is to fall (as social status is often determined by financial standing).  So we may experience as much, or more fears when we have lots of money.

Many of us spend our entire lifetime worrying over money, whether it is that we don’t have any, we don’t have enough, we don’t know what to do with it when we do have it, we’re afraid of losing what we have or losing our source of income.  Many times, our anxieties and worries are really unsubstantiated.  We create a scenario that is not even real.  We can look back on our lives and see the truth in that.  How many times have we worried over money and then later on realized that we were much better off than we thought we were.  Money is one of our societies greatest worries.  Even as a whole, we have many financial concerns, ie. national debt, unemployment, high cost of living, etc.

I hadn’t noticed the societal fears over money as much in previous years as I do now.  I don’t know if I’ve just had more to worry about personally and so I am noticing it more now, or it has gotten worse over the past decade or so … but I think it’s the latter.  And our fears seem to have intensified.  There is so much more anxiety and stress in our society these days and I do believe that financial worries are a big part of that.  Despite the fact that I hear people share their concerns over the cost of living and the bills they need to pay, and low incomes, I don’t believe that we fully express the true and full depth of our fears and anxieties and insecurities around money.

I asked for a crystal to step forward to offer support in this time of transition as we move into greater awareness and expanded perspectives on true value.  Ruby began to sing.  Ruby!  How perfect!  Especially Ruby in her raw, natural, sacred hexagonal shape.  Ruby’s hexagonal form mirrors the honeycomb of the beehive, which as Darwin once wrote,

” … is a masterpiece of engineering.  It is “absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.”

How perfect is that!  Ruby is an ideal representation of our view of our value system.  She is priced higher than other stones because she has been given the designation “precious”.  Other rarer or more beautiful stones may be overlooked because Ruby is more greatly cherished.  Value is decided and agreed upon as a collective.  What happens in this kind of system, is that many other beautiful forms, material and otherwise, are overlooked.  In that system, we sometimes throw away treasures and pay greatly for things that are not even real.

Placing her value aside, Ruby has many beautiful qualities that connect to and can support our fears and understanding around value and money (they are 2 very separate things).  We have spoken about her sacred shape, which is so completely connected to our monetary system with it’s economical shape.  Bees get more honey with the least waste into this shape than any other.  If only we would follow their example with our own economy.  Then there is Ruby’s deep blood red colour which corresponds to the base chakra – our basest drives and desires – our survival instinct.  This chakra is at the heart of our fight for life – and in our society that is all about money.  Then there is her density.  She is a heavy stone and can offer us the grounding that we need when we are feeling insecure and without structure as we do in these times of economical uncertainty.

These are just the simple, basic qualities of our Ruby guide.  Ruby shares much more in her song.  Ruby shared much wisdom in that song about the perspective of Money and the paradigm shift.  She helps us to understand what is at the heart of our issues around money.  I recorded the song and when it is completed, the information on how to get it will be available on the website.

It’s no wonder Ruby has, over the centuries, been a stone of Royalty.

While I was typing up the listing for the Ruby Crystals and the Ruby Star Songs, I “accidentally” typed the $ instead of the R for Ruby.  The $ is just above the R.  There was nothing subtle about that message.  It was a wonderful little confirmation of the connection between Ruby and Riches.